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Congratulations to Phi Team, Imagine Cup Algeria Winners!

       5MHeMlpnOTfnEz0yAL5s              algeria_grunge_flag_by_think0

they did it ! ..


after a furious battle with all the other projects, Phi Team takes the crown and win The local finals with their project Physionext. Open-mouthed smile

Physionext is a monitoring solution for physiotherapy exercises

    physiotherapycover600x450_400x300       physio-exercises-walking

using the Kinect + an electronic device that measure muscles response

       07-Kinect           IMG_4680

both controlled by a software that analyze all this information’s, a very ambitious project that I think will have a big bright future and very positive impact on society by lowering the costs and provide a great monitoring solution using the power of Kinect! Smile

Sid’Ali Mellouk, Hamza Djebli, Yasmine Sefouane, Abderrahmane Nait Amar, Mohamed Anes Mostefaoui ..  Double Thumbs up and Congratulations guys!


            this is truly an achievement worth bragging about, well done! Open-mouthed smile 


We wish you all the best luck on your next upcoming challenge in Doha next month, we will be cheering for you guys! .. all Algeria will be cheering for you! Open-mouthed smile.

In the end I’d like to first thank Microsoft Algeria for all their endless efforts all this years to push new technology’s, support great competitions like this and give our students a chance to stand out in a global level Smile

IMG_4515     IMG_5029

IMG_5051     IMG_4609

Microsoft Student Partners for their big efforts and help with the organization of this event since early morning, you guys ROCK! Open-mouthed smile

IMG_4291      IMG_4988

IMG_4284      IMG_4334

to the Jury, the attendees and everyone who helped by any mean

IMG_4459    IMG_4462

IMG_4421     IMG_4595

we’re so grateful to you all Open-mouthed smile Thank You!

as for the other competitors I didn’t forget about you .. see you in the next post ^^


Imagine Cup Local Finals are here! (3 days left)


days are passing by really fast and the local finals are just around the corner! Open-mouthed smile

3 Days! .. yup, that’s all that left, just 3 days and then we shall know who’s our champions this year are going to be, who’s going to represent Algeria in the Pan-Arab finals at Doha


and Inchallah if they made it there .. at Seattle too!


so .. big hopes lies on our teams this year, and inchallah days like:

2012-07-11_034551      575770_3078498616571_545269358_n

will be back this year too! Open-mouthed smile 

Many promising projects this year and many talented teams .. I really can’t say anything on who will our winners, so good luck to all the teams and may the best wins! Smile 

It’s going to be so much exciting so come!, discover, know more and get inspirited!

  • Date: Saturday 26 April from 1:30pm to 5:30pm
  • Place: ESAA – Ecole Supérieure Algérienne des Affaires (Les pins maritimes – BP 63F, Mohamadia, 16130 Alger, Algérie
  • Access fee: FREE!

                                             Facebook Event Page

a not to miss chance guys!

and don’t forget to invite your friends too Smile with tongue out .. sharing is caring^^

see you there Smile

Imagine Cup 2014: the Finalists have been chosen! 15 day’s left for the local finals :D

1 ha 2


LoL Open-mouthed smile, Yup .. day’s are running fast! and we’re almost there for the big day Open-mouthed smile, the local finals!, the first step to the global finals in Seattle.


we have 6 teams this year, 6 teams that will be competition for a one spot at the pan-Arab Finals in Doha Smile


Local finals will be held the 26th of April at (Ecole Supérieure Algérienne des Affaire (ESAA), Les Pins Maritimes, Mohammadia.)

each team will have 10 min to present their project to public and jury and another 10 min to respond to questions from jury members. so . yeah, without further ado, let’s check our competitors! .. starting with team


With their game ( Reborn Quest ), an action-adventure game, with the characters WATA, BREEZE, STONE and EMBERS on their big mission to revive earth using chemistry.

Team members:

  • Benterkia Amine Tewif
  • Boutaouche Mohamed Oussama
  • Falek Mohamed Amine
  • Kizou Ahmed
  • Bouktab Nazim (Mentor)

Biom Secure

With their project ( Dorsal-Vein Secure ), a biometric identification system that uses the dorsal venous of the hand.

Team members:

  • Asmaa Merouane
  • Walid Benghabrit
  • Benziane Sarah (Mentor)


With their project ( Depanini ), a mobile application in Windows Phone that offers the fastest way to solve people’s everyday problems, it also offers a more simpler way on finding jobs.

Team members:

  • Cheurfaoui Imen
  • Boussafsaf Souad
  • Soualeh Nedjma
  • Bouklioua Abderrahmane

Golden Givers

With their project ( Make Smile ), a social media network that focuses on helping each other and funding charity efforts in an exciting competitive way.

Team members:

  • Allali Sarah
  • Omani Manel Loubna
  • Hamouchene Izem
  • Ouzzani Fares
  • Kaddour Tahar (Mentor)


with their project ( Physionext ), a monitoring solution for physiotherapy exercise using the Kinect + an electronic device that measure muscles response and of course, a software that analyze all this information’s. 

Team Members:

  • Sid’Ali Mellouk
  • Hamza Djebli
  • Mohamed Anes Mostefaoui
  • Abderrahmane Nait Amar
  • Yasmine Sefouane (Mentor)

so yeah .. Smile, Good Luck to all teams, and be sure to not miss the finals to learn more about all this cool projects!

see you again in another post soon Open-mouthed smile/

Microsoft Connect 2014, when business and new technologies meet for a bright future :)


I’m sure many of you are now wondering .. Microsoft Connect? .. what is that?, never heard of it ?

you guys are not wrong .. it is actually a brand-new event (actually the first in the world for Microsoft as I heard)

WP_20140407_027          WP_20140407_028

and it’s all about introducing new Microsoft Software and technologies to local company’s and industries and show them how it can solve many of the problems they face every day and build a network between Microsoft and them.

the biggest topics that was discussed in the event were, Windows 8.1, Microsoft Cloud services and the end of support for Windows XP (which is 2 days ago by the way Smile with tongue out) no better time to upgrade if you’re still on XP ^^

WP_20140407_002      WP_20140407_009

many of the our local technology leaders company’s where present at the event to showcase their latest products, and man .. how I was amazed with the quality of the devices I saw from Condor and Alfatron, this guys ROCKS! Smile 


Mourad Nait Abdeslam Microsoft Algeria General Director said that it’s all the fruits of  continues collaboration between them and the local manufactures (Condor and Alfatron) to fine tune their devices and bring something truly of high quality.

WP_20140407_09_59_07_Pro    WP_20140407_10_33_57_Pro

the presentations were very informative .. I learn a lot about the Cloud in general, the private, public, and hybrid cloud services and the difference between each category,  I also discovered the meaning behind Microsoft’s slogan .. the Power of Choice, and how Microsoft stand out from the competition by offering it’s services in more categories, giving the customer the choice to go with what works best for them.

and without forgetting to to mention Nokia Smile, that was also there too, with some awesome phones

represented by Novaphone “the official distributer in Algeria”,


me holding in my hands both the Lumia 1020 (left) and Lumia 1520 (right) Open-mouthed smile

After dinner .. the presentation continue followed by a presentation of Office 356


by Maya Baydoun, Regional Lead of Office Division, Microsoft Lebanon


where she talked about what Office 356 means, the features and how it can help your business in huge ways and save you a lot of money and time in the process, Office 356 is all about doing more with less!

that pretty much sums up the first day of the event, unfortunately due to university matters, I missed the second day (and the most interesting one Sad smile) as it packs all fun stuff IT Pro’s and Developers are looking for.

I really loved Microsoft Connect Algeria 2014, the organization and the welcome was really something, for that I love to thank all who contribute to this event, and big big thanks to Microsoft for this great opportunity.

and hopefully as Mourad Nait Abdeslam Microsoft Algeria General Director said, inchallah .. there will be more Microsoft Connects to come in the upcoming years with bigger events and more sponsors and inchallah stronger impact! . Smile 

thanks a lot for reading and see you again in future posts!

Congratulations to Hamza Djebli :D

You remember that App of the month we’ve been talking about it in the last few weeks and all? and you were like .. meh


Well it’s REAL! and HAPPENING right now! Smile with tongue out


Today Hamza Djebli was announced January App of the Month Winner Open-mouthed smile, what did he won you ask? .. This:


Behold the Acer Iconia w510, 1.8GHz Intel Atom combined with 2GB of ram equipped with an super cool 10.1 IPS inches screen plus 2 USB 2.0 one it the tablet and the other at the base, Micro-SD card reader, 802.11n Wi-Fi, Bluetooth, PHENOMINAL BATTRY LIFE .. do I need to continue? Smile with tongue out 

 w510 (1)-580-90       Acer_Iconia_W510_01-580-90

IT’S JUST AMAZING! isn’t it?

Hamza Djebli participated with his App Save The Hangman 


Save The Hangman is a one of those games that we called “Words Games”, it’s core goal is to save the man from hanging himself by finding the right answer to the question asked using the words given to you.

2014-02-24_003922         2014-02-24_004112

the game can be played with 3 different language : Arabic, French, English and has 3 sets of Difficulty: Easy, Medium and Hard

2014-02-24_004027           2014-02-24_004017

it’s pretty fun, you guys should give it a go Smile to download Click Here

Also for a full list of the Apps that participated in the App of Month competition for the month January please Click Here (you’ll find there the full set of apps + the links to the store if you like to try them)

I’ll try to write some reviews on some of one’s I like in future posts

Is there more tablets to be won?, also I never heard of the App of the Month Competition, how it works?

Oh yeah there is!


5 more tablets left to be won in the next months!

The competition is pretty easy, Build a Modern UI Application (also called Windows Store Application) and send it link to,

Don’t have a Developer account to publish your app in the store? No Problem! Open-mouthed smile just send the source code of your App to the same Email and we’ll take care of that for you.

How the decision on what App is the better is based on?

4 things to remember while building your App 

Respect of the Modern UI Design: the better you respect and follow the Modern UI design the better your rating get’s.

Windows 8 functionalities used in the application: same as the Modern UI Design, the more Windows 8 functionalities your App use the better your rating get’s, for example .. if your app support “Snapped View” that’s a “plus” for you Smile

Impact of the Application: of course what’s the point on building an application without it having any impact at all .. so the idea makes a great deal here, always give Idea enough thinking before starting your project.

Complexity of the Application: another of course here too, if you intend to win you may want to stay away from those super basic apps, sure those are great to begin when you’re learning and all and sure you can participate with whatever you like, but always have in mind that you’re in a competition, and there is always a chance for a more complex app to surpass you Winking smile 

all this 4 things I talked about complete each other, so try to not focus on just one side while forgetting the others.

Build a Whole App Surprised smile! .. wow, impossible, I can’t do it

trust me .. you can! Smile with tongue out, it’s actually pretty easy if you give it enough time and some dedication, you’ll be surprised on how easy building a Modern UI Application is, especially when you have Visual Studio Professional 2013 as your ultimate tool and all the tutorials you can find all over the internet (you can start with Channel 9 .. it’s amazing), a month with of training and you’ll be able to create amazing Apps Open-mouthed smile 

There is also Microsoft Devcamps (I talked a lot about them in previous posts) that you could join to meet and learn from the MSPs and other participants, each month 2 Devcamps are held, last time it was in Oran Open-mouthed smile 

     1798152_751587261519867_448522708_n    1920201_751587254853201_1304978945_n

to keep up to date with all the upcoming Devcamps please join us at our Facebook Page

Also you can read the Terms and Conditions Here

Imagine Cup competitions and challenges detailed

capture                   algeria_grunge_flag_by_think0

As we promised before, we’ll get to Imagine Cup Competitions and Challenges in more details to let you understand what’s the idea and goal behind them, so you can know what category is best suited for your project.

But before we start, I’d like to say few words.

I know how it feels, starting a new project, the fear of failing, the fear of it all goes to waste .. you should never let that stop you from being creative and productive, if we all surrendered to our fears, no one would have ever achieved anything, competitions like this is what give us purpose, a fire, an energy to work hard and get our project to see the light and make the world a better place.

so taking part in it, is a great career move, the things you can learn while making your project are huge, there is no better way to learn than doing it yourself. Winking smile

Starting with the Competitions:

World Citizenship competition:


The world as it is today is facing so many challenges; these challenges are waiting for creative and talented people to come up with a solution to them. You can be the person the world is waiting for; find a problem in the world, even in your own life or community, that affects many people, and then work to solve it. Create a desktop or tablet project using Windows, or a mobile project using Windows Phone, or a browser project using Windows Azure and you could win big at the Imagine Cup World Finals in Seattle 2014.

The World is waiting for you!

Games Competition:


Throughout history, games have demonstrated the impact they can have on people and society constituents. You are a fan of video gaming and have ideas on how a game should look like, then the Game design competition is made for people like you, Then get a team, make a plan, and make it happen! Create a desktop or tablet game using Windows, or a mobile game using Windows Phone, or a browser game using Windows Azure and you could win big at the Imagine Cup World Finals in Seattle 2014.

Game on!

Innovation competition:


The progress humanity has made since its existence is due to the fact that there was people who believed in their capacity to innovate and bring great things into existence. If you believe in being an innovator then get an innovative idea in whatever field you may think of, from Social networks, music services, digital photography apps, gadgets and robotics, to any tech related field, make your team and work on it. Create a desktop or tablet project using Windows, or a mobile project using Windows Phone, or a browser project using Windows Azure and you could win big at the Imagine Cup World Finals in Seattle 2014.

Go for it

Note: Imagine cup encourages students to bring great ideas into existence, so if you have any idea that you thing would revolutionize the world but you know nothing about programming and apps, you still can participate in the Imagine cup competition by making up a team of people where each person would be a particular task to perform during idea making, or you can simply compete in one of the following challenges!! See; it embraces every detail Open-mouthed smile

The Challenges

Windows and windows phone challenge:


Because technology is about bringing comfort into the life of those who possess it, the Windows and windows phone challenge, challenges you to find someone within you network, partner with them and see how you can make an app that meets their needs. and you can win a trip to Seattle here too 😀

Brain 2.0 challenge:


Each month there will be two quizzes on a different theme. The student with the best score and the fastest completion time across both quizzes is our winner for the month and gets $1,000. Even if you don’t win the monthly contest, you’ve still got a shot. When Brain Games 2.0 concludes in April 2014, we’ll choose one student at random from all those who completed a quiz and award that person $5,000!

Written by Gaya Haciane

Imagine Cup 2014 (Algeria) is Calling for you!


algeria_grunge_flag_by_think0          microsoft-logo

I never heard of Imagine Cup? what it is?

– Imagine Cup is the world’s premier student technology competition sponsored and hosted by Microsoft, it happens every year and its goal is to resolve some of the world’s toughest problems,

it comprises 3 major categories: World Citizenship, Innovation and games,

1000 1002 1001

it also has many challengers such as User Experience Challenge, Windows & Windows Phone, Brain Games 2.0 and others (we will talk more about them in upcoming post, so stay tuned Smile)

3012 3015 1005

What’s the difference between the Competition and the Challenge ?

– The Challenges are held and done online (on Imagine Cup website) and the winner will receive his prize at his home country so no travelling for this one (Except the case of Windows & Windows Phone Challenge where the winner get a trip to Seattle), also the prizes are uh, .. “less important” compared to Competitions Smile with tongue out, as for the Competitions they’re held at the home country, trip to Doha if you made it at the local finals and of course bigger prizes and a trip to Seattle are up next in the world wide finals, if you made it at the Panarabe Finals in Doha Smile 

What are we talking about? … I mean the money the prizes? .. how much?

– What are we talking about is $50,000 for first place for the Competitions as for Challenges goes from $3000 to $5000 (+ a trip to Seattle if you’re the winner of the Windows & Windows Phone Challenge), so yeah .. big money is on the play Open-mouthed smile

    Stack Of Cash        travel

How many people are needed in a team?

your team should be composed of 4 people + a Mentor

Hmm, sounds good, you got me interested, so what do I need to do now? and please .. timeline!

– Sure! .. if you’re going for the Competitions, what you need to do now is to think well and do fast! because you have about 13 day’s (deadline on March 1st) to write your project rapport and send it through here (after registering of course).

studies and treatment of all rapports received will come up next followed by the selection of the local finalists, this all will take 10 days, from March the first to 10th

And The End of April will be the big day! .. the National Finals, so you have about .. a month and a half to work on your prototype and presentation (I’ll talk about the necessary points you have to cover in your presentation, and the questions you’ll have to expect from the jury in a later post inchallah, so stay tuned!)

Next if you’re the winner of the local finals Open-mouthed smile, from (May 31st to June 4th) you’ll be at Doha for the Panarabe Finals  Smile


Beautiful isn’t it?  Smile with tongue out

At Doha’s Panarabe Finals, 2 teams will be chosen for the world wide finals at Seattle


    west_coast 1151 121030_TECH_FirstinLineatSe.jpg.CROP.rectangle3-large

the land of the big dreams and latest technology! Smile 

I .. uh, I don’t have much time, and I’m not good enough for this Sad smile, I can’t do it .. I just can’t

No dream is too big, never underestimate yourself or your abilities to achieve big things!, sometimes even the smallest ideas that we pay no attention to can bring big positive change to the world!

Algeria did it before with Klein Team for the Windows Azure Challenge


they never gave up! .. even after their elimination from the local finals, they kept working and trying and they made it! so why not you Open-mouthed smile 

                     ماتحقروش رحنا خاوتي

    Stay Positive, Stay Focused and Stay Passionate! that’s what it’s all about!

                                   Register online now

stay tuned for more, we’ll be posting about each competition and challenge in more details Smile

also please if you have any question, leave it at the comment section below or email it directly to

Microsoft Day lands at USTHB Tomorrow! 22nd of January


From Msila to Oran to Setif


to ESI (ex InI) Oued el Semar


and finally to land in U.S.T.H.B Bab El Zouwar! this 22/01/2014  Open-mouthed smile 


  • when again?


  • time, place ?

Staring from 1:00 PM at Karim BENABADJI Conference Hall

it’s just beside the Faculty of Informatics and computing.. you can’t miss it! Smile with tongue out 

  • what you guys are going to talk about ?

Windows 8.1, Imagine Cup, Smart Mobility Challenge and the Microsoft Partners Program

it’s a great opportunity for you to meet us and for us to meet you! Smile .. also if you have any questions regarding any of the topics above! you can ask them all!

                               Facebook Event Page

for the people outside USTHB here a link to add your information so you can gain access to the university tomorrow, you have until tomorrow 10:00 AM, so please hurry!  

so come and don’t forget to invite your friends! , not to miss opportunity guys!

See you there Tomorrow Inchallah! Open-mouthed smile

The Family just got Bigger! :D

     1492329_611718648881898_161011313_o      msp

it’s been about two weeks now since the Welcome day for the new MSP’s was held, so yeah, it’s a bit late Smile with tongue out (sorry about that, I was in the exams period so I couldn’t find time to write) but still, it was really fun so I must tell you guys about it!

and as you might have guessed,.. more MSP’s have joined the us recently! Open-mouthed smile, now we’re almost 50 MSP! all here to listen to you, inform you and help you the best we could! Smile

so say hello to new MSP’s :

Starting with ESI (ex INI)
Abderrahmane Ahmed Bencherik (Social Media)
Hakim Si Mohammed (MSP Tech)
Hichem Bendia (Social Media)
Manel Loubna Omani (Social Media)
Meziane Hadjadj (MSP Tech)
Mohamed Lamine Hadj Arab (MSP Tech)
Mohamed Said Karim Benmerar (Social Media)
Mohammed Chakib Belgaid (MSP Tech)
Mustapha Ammi Said (MSP Tech)
Okba Mahdjoub (MSP Tech)
Selma Benouadah (MSP Tech)
Smahi Zakaria (MSP Tech)

Faculty of Medicine – Alger
Hanaa Ouannas (Social Media)

Faculty of Medicine – Sétif
Abdallah Benkadja (MSP Tech)

Gaya Haciane (Social Media)
Meriem Chehih (Social Media)
Taki Eddine Bouyoucef (Social Media)

University Abou Bekr Belkaid – Tlemcen
Medjahdi Mohammed Karam (MSP Tech)

University of Blida
Mohamed Tahar Kedjour (MSP Tech)

University of Médéa
Osman Kalache (MSP Tech)

University of M’Sila
Abdallah Drihem (Social Media)
Amira Baalla (MSP Tech)
Halim Benkadja (Social Media)
Ibrahim Said Elhak Meslem (MSP Tech)

University of Djilali Liabès – Sidi Bel Abbes
Mohammed Amine Benyelles (MSP Tech)

University of Mentouri Constantine
Adlen Gharbi (MSP Tech)

And ending with USTHB
Abderrahmane Nait Amar (Social Media)
Amel Amroun (MSP Tech)
Diaa ElHak Guedouari (MSP Tech)
Fatma Zohra Dahmane (MSP Tech)
Ferg Mohamed Amine (MSP Tech)
Hamza Zerguine (MSP Tech)
Lokmane Belahda (MSP Tech)
Lounes Tahar Khellaf (MSP Tech)
Zakia Madany (MSP Tech)

We all gathered in the Welcome Day last two weeks in Megakart Karting, Chéraga!


The day started at 8:00 AM with the morning breakfast ^^

 WP_20140102_013       WP_20140102_014

then at 9:00 AM Amine Iratni (our beloved DPE) start with welcoming everyone, explaining what does it mean to be an MSP, the benefits and how to make the most of the program.

  WP_20140102_020       WP_20140102_079

  WP_20140102_058       WP_20140102_045

Followed with Hissate ta3arouf (as amine calls it Smile with tongue out), were every MSP get few minutes to talk about himself, what school he’s enrolled in, things he love and one good thing about him and one bad thing Open-mouthed smile .., it was really fun, we laughed a lot!

WP_20140102_043        WP_20140102_042

WP_20140102_059        WP_20140102_069

After the Ta3arouf session, Amine start talking about the big goals set for this year, the events coming such as Imagine Cup 2014, the Devcamps and Microsoft Days and how we could contribute in all that. of course without forgetting to start thinking about building more Apps! lol Smile with tongue out 

1530495_10152087758103810_705596908_n        1511175_10152087759133810_2058793231_n


then it was like 1:00 PM already (time past fast when you’re having fun they say! Open-mouthed smile), so yeah, it was Dinner Time!

1525025_10152091936108810_262101630_n       WP_20140102_087

WP_20140102_094       WP_20140102_105

then after it… RACING TIME!!! Open-mouthed smile Open-mouthed smile 

1546425_761526510528503_1364330920_n WP_20140102_101

WP_20140102_100 1510890_10152087754373810_588388257_n


it was a day to be remembered! Smile, we had a lot of fun and learned a lot of stuff about each other, so trust me when I tell you that

  MSP’s this year are going to ROCK!!

Discover our Apps (TV النهار ) for Windows 8 by Sid’Ali Mellouk

The “Discover our Apps” series is back again!, bringing lots of exciting apps and games all done by our follow Algerian students Open-mouthed smile

and what better than start the new year with a some really “quality” app from the MSP Sid’Ali Mellouk


you watch (TV النهار) regularly?, always ended up missing your favorite show? the broadcast time of the shows is always not good for you?, always want to have all the shows packed in one simple, intuitive app?, well .. TV النهار App for Windows 8 is the answer Smile


the app really stand out in simplicity, you really don’t need to learn anything to be able to find your way out

as you can see you have in the first page all the popular shows such “إنصحوني, الأحول الجوية, النشرة الإخبارية” and more!


1- a quick link to watch TV النهار live!

2- here you find all the most viewed TV النهار videos

after clicking on any video you move to the next page


where you can watch the video in normal mode or in full screen mode, there is also a share button if you like to show the video to your friends too! Smile 

and what i like the most in this app apart from it being super simple and very intuitive  is:


snapped view!, it works perfectly with the app!, it always saves me a lot of time when I like to work and still be able to enjoy the show on the left of my screen 

               With the TV النهار App! you’ll never miss any show again

I’m such a big fan of the App! GREAT JOB Sid’Ali!

you guys should try it too! .. Click Here to go the download page!

thank you for reading and more is coming with Discover our Apps! so don’t forget to check out later Smile

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