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Microsoft Educator Network, why it’s awesome and you should totally sign up!


If you haven’t heard about it yet, this is the best thing happing right now for everyone looking for education on Microsoft tech or others that want to share their experience and knowledge with the world!, Microsoft Educator Network packs an amazing amount of resources and great opportunities for professional development, all waiting for you!

  • Connect with teachers all over the world,
  • Get Learning Activities created by teachers using Microsoft tools
  • Find tutorials on how to use Microsoft tools in the classroom created by teachers for teachers
  • Download over 30 free tools to use in the classroom + your Dreamspark subscription, you really have it all to become the next big thing!


Takes courses and keep track of your status in the My Learning Page

MEN 2    2014-06-29_113900

Get access to Webinars, Earn Badges and get a certificate! Open-mouthed smile 

Certificate you ask?. yep, you heard me right ^^

When you fully complete a course, a button will appear on the page enabling your to generate a PDF certificate that you can download and print. It’s that simple Open-mouthed smile

 MEN 3     image[43]

there are so much to explore and learn in Microsoft Educator Network, so what you waiting for?

Sign In Today!


it doesn’t take more 30 sec (it really doesn’t Smile with tongue out .. tried it myself)


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