Dz MSP's

Algerian Microsoft Student Partners activity's and much more !

DevCamp just Started! Apps are on the work :)

It’s Here!  Open-mouthed smile 

 WP_20140522_006      WP_20140522_016

A new DevCamp, with lots of great ideas, lot’s of learning and a lots of pure coding fun Open-mouthed smile

after a short session of brainstorming (we collected around 25 idea for an app btw ^^) and dinner Smile with tongue out

 WP_20140522_020      WP_20140522_021

we have about 9 apps on the work right now and the guys are all set for the challenge! .. let’s build those apps! let’s have some fun! Open-mouthed smile 

 WP_20140522_025     WP_20140522_026

and if some dare to play instead of code, Badreddine is here.


you got what he means lol. Smile with tongue out

more news will come up later at night Smile, have a great weekend everyone ^^


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