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Smart Mobility Challenge 2 Finals Recap


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I was there at Smart Mobility challenge 2 finals last week and man! .. It was really so much fun, I was trying to make some time to talk to you guys about it all week but I couldn’t till today Smile  (busy with studies and all ^^ .. sorry about that Smile with tongue out )

The event started early with quick words from Ms Belkham Fella CSE club president, Mr Ghomari Reda Abdessamad representing both Mobilis and ESI, and finally Mr Iratni Amine DPE at Microsoft Algeria followed after that by a set of technical conferences by Safoune Yasmine, Kedjour Badreddine and Bellik Samir who talked about a lot of things happening in the Mobile world.


Then after it comes the most awaited part! ..  the participants turn to present their work in front of the attendees and jury 

WP_20140503_013           WP_20140503_019

Every Participant had 8 min for his presentation and 5 min to respond to the jury questions, I loved how quick it was, unlike many events that I attended in the past with 15 min for presentation + 15 min for question which was truly heavy on both the jury and participants Smile 

The 10 finalists were divided into 2 groups, the morning group and the evening group to leave time for dinner and rest between them.

The event ended at 04:45 pm with the announcements of the winners

First I’d like to congratulate Ali Rabhallah


First prize winner with his Windows Phone App CHANTIX, an App that makes professionally managing workers on constructions sites a child play Open-mouthed smile , the App has all sorts of the most needed functions, such as an easy way to mark workers absence, remember payment day, information’s managing and more, truly well crafted App, great job Ali! .. Congratulation!

  Dehouche Nazih


Second prize winner with his App Madrasat Al Hissab for Andriod OS, a beautiful, well made App to help kids get better in math, it offers basic math problems and puts the kid in the challenge to solve them fast and improve his score, I really loved the design and animations used in it, also the App is in Arabic (a Salut to you brother for that, we’re so in need for Arabic Apps), Congratulations man! you did really well, please keep it up! Open-mouthed smile

  El Hassasna Fethi


Third prize winner with his App Cuisine Algérienne for iOS, a great and very helpful App that gather a lot of our traditional + new Algerian recipes in one place, the look solid all around, I couldn’t see a lot (as he didn’t have a way to show people how the app works using data show), but from what I saw, it seems pretty neat!

Congratulations brother! .. keep it up!

and Finally a big big thanks to all the other participants, just being one of the finalist is already a big achievement! .. good luck to you guys in your future projects!, keep innovating! Open-mouthed smile


I also want to thank all the members of CSE club


For the great hospitality and welcome we had Open-mouthed smile, the event was super organized and really well put together guys! .. Well Done!!

also a big thanks to the Jury and Sponsors


because without them and their support we won’t be able to see events such as this Smile with tongue out

and finally thanks to all who came, to you guys reading this Smile .. thanks for your time and interest, hope next year’s SMC would be even bigger, even more exciting and packs more great cool idea’s!


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