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4 days left to Smart Mobility Challenge 2 Finals!


yup! .. it’s almost time for Smart Mobility Challenge 2 finals, the biggest Mobile Apps Development Competitions in Algeria!, Organized by CSE Club, sponsored by Mobilis with the partnership of Microsoft and will be held at l’ESI Smile 

mobilis MSFT_logo_png

Never heard of it? ..

well … a little introduction wouldn’t hurt then, it all started in 2011 with the first version that met huge success and received a lot of positive feedbacks.

    75260_334759463251939_972518628_n     523148_334945393233346_1234152373_n

    522722_334742189920333_335415255_n     522722_334742176587001_305965009_n

Smart Mobility Challenge is all about pushing mobile development in all platforms to encourage innovation and recognize the work of our Algerian students, it’s all about discovering talents and building a community of Mobile developers in Algeria Open-mouthed smile

and this year .. the finals are going to be huge!

10 Apps that survived the first and second elimination phase will be competing for the first prize! .. it’s going to tough, it’s going to be exciting! ^^ .. a not to miss event guys!

                                          Facebook Event Page

see you there! Open-mouthed smile


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