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To all the teams that participated in Imagine Cup 2014

         5MHeMlpnOTfnEz0yAL5s                   algeria_grunge_flag_by_think0

I felt you guys worth way more than just to be mentioned in one big single post so I had to write one just for you Open-mouthed smile

your contributions and hard work is what made Imagine Cup what it is today! your passion and will was truly a sight to see, so please stay Strong! stay Ambitious! and stay Inspired!, the experience you guys went thought was really one of the kind, so don’t you ever give up! .. always learn from your mistakes and always work to better them! Open-mouthed smile 

I really hope to see you guys all in next year’s Imagine Cup, better than ever, more prepared and more confident ^^

so a Big Big


goes to you all guys starting with Samada Team, second Place

with their project Child Care

  IMG_5103       IMG_4923

then the team Golden Givers, Third Place

With their project Make Smile, a social media network that focuses on helping each other and funding charity efforts in an exciting and competitive way.

  IMG_4337       IMG_4440

The team Biom Secure

With their project Dorsal-Vein Secure, a biometric identification system that uses the dorsal venous of the hand.

IMG_4604    IMG_4381

The team Compact

With their project Depanini, a Windows Phone mobile application that offers a fast way to solve people’s everyday problems, it also offers a more simpler way on finding open jobs.

IMG_4380   IMG_4339

We’re so thankful to you all for being with us this year Open-mouthed smile good luck to you and inchallah we’ll you see next year too ^^


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