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Congratulations to Phi Team, Imagine Cup Algeria Winners!

       5MHeMlpnOTfnEz0yAL5s              algeria_grunge_flag_by_think0

they did it ! ..


after a furious battle with all the other projects, Phi Team takes the crown and win The local finals with their project Physionext. Open-mouthed smile

Physionext is a monitoring solution for physiotherapy exercises

    physiotherapycover600x450_400x300       physio-exercises-walking

using the Kinect + an electronic device that measure muscles response

       07-Kinect           IMG_4680

both controlled by a software that analyze all this information’s, a very ambitious project that I think will have a big bright future and very positive impact on society by lowering the costs and provide a great monitoring solution using the power of Kinect! Smile

Sid’Ali Mellouk, Hamza Djebli, Yasmine Sefouane, Abderrahmane Nait Amar, Mohamed Anes Mostefaoui ..  Double Thumbs up and Congratulations guys!


            this is truly an achievement worth bragging about, well done! Open-mouthed smile 


We wish you all the best luck on your next upcoming challenge in Doha next month, we will be cheering for you guys! .. all Algeria will be cheering for you! Open-mouthed smile.

In the end I’d like to first thank Microsoft Algeria for all their endless efforts all this years to push new technology’s, support great competitions like this and give our students a chance to stand out in a global level Smile

IMG_4515     IMG_5029

IMG_5051     IMG_4609

Microsoft Student Partners for their big efforts and help with the organization of this event since early morning, you guys ROCK! Open-mouthed smile

IMG_4291      IMG_4988

IMG_4284      IMG_4334

to the Jury, the attendees and everyone who helped by any mean

IMG_4459    IMG_4462

IMG_4421     IMG_4595

we’re so grateful to you all Open-mouthed smile Thank You!

as for the other competitors I didn’t forget about you .. see you in the next post ^^


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