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Imagine Cup 2014: the Finalists have been chosen! 15 day’s left for the local finals :D

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LoL Open-mouthed smile, Yup .. day’s are running fast! and we’re almost there for the big day Open-mouthed smile, the local finals!, the first step to the global finals in Seattle.


we have 6 teams this year, 6 teams that will be competition for a one spot at the pan-Arab Finals in Doha Smile


Local finals will be held the 26th of April at (Ecole Supérieure Algérienne des Affaire (ESAA), Les Pins Maritimes, Mohammadia.)

each team will have 10 min to present their project to public and jury and another 10 min to respond to questions from jury members. so . yeah, without further ado, let’s check our competitors! .. starting with team


With their game ( Reborn Quest ), an action-adventure game, with the characters WATA, BREEZE, STONE and EMBERS on their big mission to revive earth using chemistry.

Team members:

  • Benterkia Amine Tewif
  • Boutaouche Mohamed Oussama
  • Falek Mohamed Amine
  • Kizou Ahmed
  • Bouktab Nazim (Mentor)

Biom Secure

With their project ( Dorsal-Vein Secure ), a biometric identification system that uses the dorsal venous of the hand.

Team members:

  • Asmaa Merouane
  • Walid Benghabrit
  • Benziane Sarah (Mentor)


With their project ( Depanini ), a mobile application in Windows Phone that offers the fastest way to solve people’s everyday problems, it also offers a more simpler way on finding jobs.

Team members:

  • Cheurfaoui Imen
  • Boussafsaf Souad
  • Soualeh Nedjma
  • Bouklioua Abderrahmane

Golden Givers

With their project ( Make Smile ), a social media network that focuses on helping each other and funding charity efforts in an exciting competitive way.

Team members:

  • Allali Sarah
  • Omani Manel Loubna
  • Hamouchene Izem
  • Ouzzani Fares
  • Kaddour Tahar (Mentor)


with their project ( Physionext ), a monitoring solution for physiotherapy exercise using the Kinect + an electronic device that measure muscles response and of course, a software that analyze all this information’s. 

Team Members:

  • Sid’Ali Mellouk
  • Hamza Djebli
  • Mohamed Anes Mostefaoui
  • Abderrahmane Nait Amar
  • Yasmine Sefouane (Mentor)

so yeah .. Smile, Good Luck to all teams, and be sure to not miss the finals to learn more about all this cool projects!

see you again in another post soon Open-mouthed smile/


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