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Microsoft Connect 2014, when business and new technologies meet for a bright future :)


I’m sure many of you are now wondering .. Microsoft Connect? .. what is that?, never heard of it ?

you guys are not wrong .. it is actually a brand-new event (actually the first in the world for Microsoft as I heard)

WP_20140407_027          WP_20140407_028

and it’s all about introducing new Microsoft Software and technologies to local company’s and industries and show them how it can solve many of the problems they face every day and build a network between Microsoft and them.

the biggest topics that was discussed in the event were, Windows 8.1, Microsoft Cloud services and the end of support for Windows XP (which is 2 days ago by the way Smile with tongue out) no better time to upgrade if you’re still on XP ^^

WP_20140407_002      WP_20140407_009

many of the our local technology leaders company’s where present at the event to showcase their latest products, and man .. how I was amazed with the quality of the devices I saw from Condor and Alfatron, this guys ROCKS! Smile 


Mourad Nait Abdeslam Microsoft Algeria General Director said that it’s all the fruits of  continues collaboration between them and the local manufactures (Condor and Alfatron) to fine tune their devices and bring something truly of high quality.

WP_20140407_09_59_07_Pro    WP_20140407_10_33_57_Pro

the presentations were very informative .. I learn a lot about the Cloud in general, the private, public, and hybrid cloud services and the difference between each category,  I also discovered the meaning behind Microsoft’s slogan .. the Power of Choice, and how Microsoft stand out from the competition by offering it’s services in more categories, giving the customer the choice to go with what works best for them.

and without forgetting to to mention Nokia Smile, that was also there too, with some awesome phones

represented by Novaphone “the official distributer in Algeria”,


me holding in my hands both the Lumia 1020 (left) and Lumia 1520 (right) Open-mouthed smile

After dinner .. the presentation continue followed by a presentation of Office 356


by Maya Baydoun, Regional Lead of Office Division, Microsoft Lebanon


where she talked about what Office 356 means, the features and how it can help your business in huge ways and save you a lot of money and time in the process, Office 356 is all about doing more with less!

that pretty much sums up the first day of the event, unfortunately due to university matters, I missed the second day (and the most interesting one Sad smile) as it packs all fun stuff IT Pro’s and Developers are looking for.

I really loved Microsoft Connect Algeria 2014, the organization and the welcome was really something, for that I love to thank all who contribute to this event, and big big thanks to Microsoft for this great opportunity.

and hopefully as Mourad Nait Abdeslam Microsoft Algeria General Director said, inchallah .. there will be more Microsoft Connects to come in the upcoming years with bigger events and more sponsors and inchallah stronger impact! . Smile 

thanks a lot for reading and see you again in future posts!


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