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Congratulations to Hamza Djebli :D

You remember that App of the month we’ve been talking about it in the last few weeks and all? and you were like .. meh


Well it’s REAL! and HAPPENING right now! Smile with tongue out


Today Hamza Djebli was announced January App of the Month Winner Open-mouthed smile, what did he won you ask? .. This:


Behold the Acer Iconia w510, 1.8GHz Intel Atom combined with 2GB of ram equipped with an super cool 10.1 IPS inches screen plus 2 USB 2.0 one it the tablet and the other at the base, Micro-SD card reader, 802.11n Wi-Fi, Bluetooth, PHENOMINAL BATTRY LIFE .. do I need to continue? Smile with tongue out 

 w510 (1)-580-90       Acer_Iconia_W510_01-580-90

IT’S JUST AMAZING! isn’t it?

Hamza Djebli participated with his App Save The Hangman 


Save The Hangman is a one of those games that we called “Words Games”, it’s core goal is to save the man from hanging himself by finding the right answer to the question asked using the words given to you.

2014-02-24_003922         2014-02-24_004112

the game can be played with 3 different language : Arabic, French, English and has 3 sets of Difficulty: Easy, Medium and Hard

2014-02-24_004027           2014-02-24_004017

it’s pretty fun, you guys should give it a go Smile to download Click Here

Also for a full list of the Apps that participated in the App of Month competition for the month January please Click Here (you’ll find there the full set of apps + the links to the store if you like to try them)

I’ll try to write some reviews on some of one’s I like in future posts

Is there more tablets to be won?, also I never heard of the App of the Month Competition, how it works?

Oh yeah there is!


5 more tablets left to be won in the next months!

The competition is pretty easy, Build a Modern UI Application (also called Windows Store Application) and send it link to,

Don’t have a Developer account to publish your app in the store? No Problem! Open-mouthed smile just send the source code of your App to the same Email and we’ll take care of that for you.

How the decision on what App is the better is based on?

4 things to remember while building your App 

Respect of the Modern UI Design: the better you respect and follow the Modern UI design the better your rating get’s.

Windows 8 functionalities used in the application: same as the Modern UI Design, the more Windows 8 functionalities your App use the better your rating get’s, for example .. if your app support “Snapped View” that’s a “plus” for you Smile

Impact of the Application: of course what’s the point on building an application without it having any impact at all .. so the idea makes a great deal here, always give Idea enough thinking before starting your project.

Complexity of the Application: another of course here too, if you intend to win you may want to stay away from those super basic apps, sure those are great to begin when you’re learning and all and sure you can participate with whatever you like, but always have in mind that you’re in a competition, and there is always a chance for a more complex app to surpass you Winking smile 

all this 4 things I talked about complete each other, so try to not focus on just one side while forgetting the others.

Build a Whole App Surprised smile! .. wow, impossible, I can’t do it

trust me .. you can! Smile with tongue out, it’s actually pretty easy if you give it enough time and some dedication, you’ll be surprised on how easy building a Modern UI Application is, especially when you have Visual Studio Professional 2013 as your ultimate tool and all the tutorials you can find all over the internet (you can start with Channel 9 .. it’s amazing), a month with of training and you’ll be able to create amazing Apps Open-mouthed smile 

There is also Microsoft Devcamps (I talked a lot about them in previous posts) that you could join to meet and learn from the MSPs and other participants, each month 2 Devcamps are held, last time it was in Oran Open-mouthed smile 

     1798152_751587261519867_448522708_n    1920201_751587254853201_1304978945_n

to keep up to date with all the upcoming Devcamps please join us at our Facebook Page

Also you can read the Terms and Conditions Here


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