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Imagine Cup 2014 (Algeria) is Calling for you!


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I never heard of Imagine Cup? what it is?

– Imagine Cup is the world’s premier student technology competition sponsored and hosted by Microsoft, it happens every year and its goal is to resolve some of the world’s toughest problems,

it comprises 3 major categories: World Citizenship, Innovation and games,

1000 1002 1001

it also has many challengers such as User Experience Challenge, Windows & Windows Phone, Brain Games 2.0 and others (we will talk more about them in upcoming post, so stay tuned Smile)

3012 3015 1005

What’s the difference between the Competition and the Challenge ?

– The Challenges are held and done online (on Imagine Cup website) and the winner will receive his prize at his home country so no travelling for this one (Except the case of Windows & Windows Phone Challenge where the winner get a trip to Seattle), also the prizes are uh, .. “less important” compared to Competitions Smile with tongue out, as for the Competitions they’re held at the home country, trip to Doha if you made it at the local finals and of course bigger prizes and a trip to Seattle are up next in the world wide finals, if you made it at the Panarabe Finals in Doha Smile 

What are we talking about? … I mean the money the prizes? .. how much?

– What are we talking about is $50,000 for first place for the Competitions as for Challenges goes from $3000 to $5000 (+ a trip to Seattle if you’re the winner of the Windows & Windows Phone Challenge), so yeah .. big money is on the play Open-mouthed smile

    Stack Of Cash        travel

How many people are needed in a team?

your team should be composed of 4 people + a Mentor

Hmm, sounds good, you got me interested, so what do I need to do now? and please .. timeline!

– Sure! .. if you’re going for the Competitions, what you need to do now is to think well and do fast! because you have about 13 day’s (deadline on March 1st) to write your project rapport and send it through here (after registering of course).

studies and treatment of all rapports received will come up next followed by the selection of the local finalists, this all will take 10 days, from March the first to 10th

And The End of April will be the big day! .. the National Finals, so you have about .. a month and a half to work on your prototype and presentation (I’ll talk about the necessary points you have to cover in your presentation, and the questions you’ll have to expect from the jury in a later post inchallah, so stay tuned!)

Next if you’re the winner of the local finals Open-mouthed smile, from (May 31st to June 4th) you’ll be at Doha for the Panarabe Finals  Smile


Beautiful isn’t it?  Smile with tongue out

At Doha’s Panarabe Finals, 2 teams will be chosen for the world wide finals at Seattle


    west_coast 1151 121030_TECH_FirstinLineatSe.jpg.CROP.rectangle3-large

the land of the big dreams and latest technology! Smile 

I .. uh, I don’t have much time, and I’m not good enough for this Sad smile, I can’t do it .. I just can’t

No dream is too big, never underestimate yourself or your abilities to achieve big things!, sometimes even the smallest ideas that we pay no attention to can bring big positive change to the world!

Algeria did it before with Klein Team for the Windows Azure Challenge


they never gave up! .. even after their elimination from the local finals, they kept working and trying and they made it! so why not you Open-mouthed smile 

                     ماتحقروش رحنا خاوتي

    Stay Positive, Stay Focused and Stay Passionate! that’s what it’s all about!

                                   Register online now

stay tuned for more, we’ll be posting about each competition and challenge in more details Smile

also please if you have any question, leave it at the comment section below or email it directly to


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2 thoughts on “Imagine Cup 2014 (Algeria) is Calling for you!

  1. Ok well if you havent yet the results for imagine cup challenges are out and man we have got many

    • oh .. i see, well, i’m really super busy with studies (last year you see) so i’m not really up to date with how we’re doing in challenges this year, so you mean there are many Algerian Teams that made it there? that’s cool! .. awesome!

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