Dz MSP's

Algerian Microsoft Student Partners activity's and much more !

Microsoft Day lands at USTHB Tomorrow! 22nd of January


From Msila to Oran to Setif


to ESI (ex InI) Oued el Semar


and finally to land in U.S.T.H.B Bab El Zouwar! this 22/01/2014  Open-mouthed smile 


  • when again?


  • time, place ?

Staring from 1:00 PM at Karim BENABADJI Conference Hall

it’s just beside the Faculty of Informatics and computing.. you can’t miss it! Smile with tongue out 

  • what you guys are going to talk about ?

Windows 8.1, Imagine Cup, Smart Mobility Challenge and the Microsoft Partners Program

it’s a great opportunity for you to meet us and for us to meet you! Smile .. also if you have any questions regarding any of the topics above! you can ask them all!

                               Facebook Event Page

for the people outside USTHB here a link to add your information so you can gain access to the university tomorrow, you have until tomorrow 10:00 AM, so please hurry!  

so come and don’t forget to invite your friends! , not to miss opportunity guys!

See you there Tomorrow Inchallah! Open-mouthed smile


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