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The Family just got Bigger! :D

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it’s been about two weeks now since the Welcome day for the new MSP’s was held, so yeah, it’s a bit late Smile with tongue out (sorry about that, I was in the exams period so I couldn’t find time to write) but still, it was really fun so I must tell you guys about it!

and as you might have guessed,.. more MSP’s have joined the us recently! Open-mouthed smile, now we’re almost 50 MSP! all here to listen to you, inform you and help you the best we could! Smile

so say hello to new MSP’s :

Starting with ESI (ex INI)
Abderrahmane Ahmed Bencherik (Social Media)
Hakim Si Mohammed (MSP Tech)
Hichem Bendia (Social Media)
Manel Loubna Omani (Social Media)
Meziane Hadjadj (MSP Tech)
Mohamed Lamine Hadj Arab (MSP Tech)
Mohamed Said Karim Benmerar (Social Media)
Mohammed Chakib Belgaid (MSP Tech)
Mustapha Ammi Said (MSP Tech)
Okba Mahdjoub (MSP Tech)
Selma Benouadah (MSP Tech)
Smahi Zakaria (MSP Tech)

Faculty of Medicine – Alger
Hanaa Ouannas (Social Media)

Faculty of Medicine – Sétif
Abdallah Benkadja (MSP Tech)

Gaya Haciane (Social Media)
Meriem Chehih (Social Media)
Taki Eddine Bouyoucef (Social Media)

University Abou Bekr Belkaid – Tlemcen
Medjahdi Mohammed Karam (MSP Tech)

University of Blida
Mohamed Tahar Kedjour (MSP Tech)

University of Médéa
Osman Kalache (MSP Tech)

University of M’Sila
Abdallah Drihem (Social Media)
Amira Baalla (MSP Tech)
Halim Benkadja (Social Media)
Ibrahim Said Elhak Meslem (MSP Tech)

University of Djilali Liabès – Sidi Bel Abbes
Mohammed Amine Benyelles (MSP Tech)

University of Mentouri Constantine
Adlen Gharbi (MSP Tech)

And ending with USTHB
Abderrahmane Nait Amar (Social Media)
Amel Amroun (MSP Tech)
Diaa ElHak Guedouari (MSP Tech)
Fatma Zohra Dahmane (MSP Tech)
Ferg Mohamed Amine (MSP Tech)
Hamza Zerguine (MSP Tech)
Lokmane Belahda (MSP Tech)
Lounes Tahar Khellaf (MSP Tech)
Zakia Madany (MSP Tech)

We all gathered in the Welcome Day last two weeks in Megakart Karting, Chéraga!


The day started at 8:00 AM with the morning breakfast ^^

 WP_20140102_013       WP_20140102_014

then at 9:00 AM Amine Iratni (our beloved DPE) start with welcoming everyone, explaining what does it mean to be an MSP, the benefits and how to make the most of the program.

  WP_20140102_020       WP_20140102_079

  WP_20140102_058       WP_20140102_045

Followed with Hissate ta3arouf (as amine calls it Smile with tongue out), were every MSP get few minutes to talk about himself, what school he’s enrolled in, things he love and one good thing about him and one bad thing Open-mouthed smile .., it was really fun, we laughed a lot!

WP_20140102_043        WP_20140102_042

WP_20140102_059        WP_20140102_069

After the Ta3arouf session, Amine start talking about the big goals set for this year, the events coming such as Imagine Cup 2014, the Devcamps and Microsoft Days and how we could contribute in all that. of course without forgetting to start thinking about building more Apps! lol Smile with tongue out 

1530495_10152087758103810_705596908_n        1511175_10152087759133810_2058793231_n


then it was like 1:00 PM already (time past fast when you’re having fun they say! Open-mouthed smile), so yeah, it was Dinner Time!

1525025_10152091936108810_262101630_n       WP_20140102_087

WP_20140102_094       WP_20140102_105

then after it… RACING TIME!!! Open-mouthed smile Open-mouthed smile 

1546425_761526510528503_1364330920_n WP_20140102_101

WP_20140102_100 1510890_10152087754373810_588388257_n


it was a day to be remembered! Smile, we had a lot of fun and learned a lot of stuff about each other, so trust me when I tell you that

  MSP’s this year are going to ROCK!!


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