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Discover our Apps (TV النهار ) for Windows 8 by Sid’Ali Mellouk

The “Discover our Apps” series is back again!, bringing lots of exciting apps and games all done by our follow Algerian students Open-mouthed smile

and what better than start the new year with a some really “quality” app from the MSP Sid’Ali Mellouk


you watch (TV النهار) regularly?, always ended up missing your favorite show? the broadcast time of the shows is always not good for you?, always want to have all the shows packed in one simple, intuitive app?, well .. TV النهار App for Windows 8 is the answer Smile


the app really stand out in simplicity, you really don’t need to learn anything to be able to find your way out

as you can see you have in the first page all the popular shows such “إنصحوني, الأحول الجوية, النشرة الإخبارية” and more!


1- a quick link to watch TV النهار live!

2- here you find all the most viewed TV النهار videos

after clicking on any video you move to the next page


where you can watch the video in normal mode or in full screen mode, there is also a share button if you like to show the video to your friends too! Smile 

and what i like the most in this app apart from it being super simple and very intuitive  is:


snapped view!, it works perfectly with the app!, it always saves me a lot of time when I like to work and still be able to enjoy the show on the left of my screen 

               With the TV النهار App! you’ll never miss any show again

I’m such a big fan of the App! GREAT JOB Sid’Ali!

you guys should try it too! .. Click Here to go the download page!

thank you for reading and more is coming with Discover our Apps! so don’t forget to check out later Smile


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