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Second Devcamp started!

yup! ..the Second Devcamp has just started! Smile with tongue out

                    life on mars

and as always, it’s all about

                                        New Image

LOL Open-mouthed smile .. well, as you can see, we have more participants this time ^^, and “كيما يقول أمين” more participants = more apps! Smile

WP_20131206_003         WP_20131206_004

WP_20131206_021         WP_20131206_022

after spending the whole morning on (collecting/choosing) ideas and forming small teams to work on them + Dinner, the real stuff has just started! “Coding!” Smile 

WP_20131206_023         WP_20131206_024

WP_20131206_025         WP_20131206_026

and the guys here are on it with everything they can!

so.. yeah! wish us luck, and see you soon in the next post Winking smile


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