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Night Coding and taking Pictures with the FIFA World Cup!

Yup, you heard me right, FIFA world cup! .., how?, when?,why?,where? .. lol, just give me a sec Smile with tongue out 

well .. lucky for us Coca Cola happen to be doing The FIFA World Cup Trophy Tour tonight! and we had some time after dinner to go check it out Open-mouthed smile

WP_20131122_019      WP_20131122_020

WP_20131122_028      WP_20131122_037

and man .. it was a lot of fun!

of course we didn’t forget about our Apps Smile 

WP_20131122_044       WP_20131122_045

Coding is still going strong as ever! with a little “ههوول” and some “Viva l’Algerie songs” of course Smile with tongue out .. otherwise we’ll just all sleep Winking smile

so yeah! .. Apps are still cooking for now, we still have until tomorrow to finish them up so wish us Wish good luck!


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