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First DevCamp just Started! :D

Yes! .. DevCamps are back again!! ,even stronger and with more passion than ever! Open-mouthed smile


After the Brainstorming and the long the discussions about what of those Idea’s of Apps are more feasible in 2 days?, do we have the right information and knowledge to build it? ,making small 2 people teams, what every team wants to work on? … etc, we got about 7 apps now on the working Smile

WP_20131122_003         WP_20131122_005

WP_20131122_008         WP_20131122_010

And as always, Amine our beloved DPE ^^ is roaming around checking on us (ليراهو يلعب و ليراهو يخدم), lucky though, everyone are giving all their best! , he also want to make it clear to us that .. الماكلة = Apps, and no excuses Smile with tongue out :


LOL, just kidding Smile with tongue out 

so yeah, keep checking for more news Open-mouthed smile , and wish us Good Luck!


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2 thoughts on “First DevCamp just Started! :D

  1. Yea, Thank you Imad! And good luck for everyone!

  2. Bon courrage 🙂

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