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Best App of the Month challenge is Back!

With the Devcamps on the comeback, I’m happy to announce that the Monthly Challenge is back too!


the idea is super simple same as last year, build and publish your windows 8 App to enter the competition for the best App of the Month (held next 31 December for this month) to win a Windows 8 Device! Open-mouthed smile 

So .. it’s time to buckle up and get to work!!, this is a chance not to miss guys

you don’t know how to develop for Windows 8? Not Problem! Smile

Every two weeks a Devcamp is held where you can join, meet, and learn from everyone! so no excuses this time! ..get professional Microsoft tools for free, build your dream Windows 8 App and WIN BIG!

Devcamp Algeria Facebook Group (so join us and be up-to-date with everything about the Devcamps, the competition and all other news Winking smile)

for all questions regarding how to publish your App or anything else 

please Email:

so yeah, Good Luck and have fun coding! ^^


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