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Top Apps: El Nahar (جريدة النهار) by Badreddine Kedjour

Today i want to talk to you guys about one of my most used Windows 8 Apps, El Nahar by Badreddine Kedjour, an Amazing App to browse El Nahar newspaper in the comfort of your Windows 8 devise!


Using Windows 8 gestures really adds to the experience of reading and makes it both enjoyable and relaxing you’ll almost forget that you’re holding a tablet or using a pc, with a clean and easy design + no annoying ads popping out from nowhere disturbing you while you read :p.

     2013-06-25_192429 2

     3 6

what i can say more! just for that its already a must have :p .., but I’m not done yet!, i still didn’t talk about the two features that i like the most in the app,

First, the snapped view mode, and man .. its made very well!


As you can see, now with El Nahar App you can do whatever you like (browse the web, work on Windows office, watch a movie ..)  and be able at the same time to read the news without switching tabs or having to stop what your doing then minimize it then open another tab .. all that useless boring stuff (I’m sure you guys have gone through it so many times) :p

with a El Nahar its there!, and it won’t bother you while you work!

Second, the ability to Zoom in and out text ! 😀


the text is small for you? .. no problem!, with El Nahar App, you’re all set! .. change to the size that fits you more and enjoy reading! 😀

so without any further delay .. here’s the LINK to its Store Page 😀

Try it out guys .. I’m sure you’re going to love it, and don’t forget to Rate it and Share it with your friends if you want .. that really helps 😀

Thanks a lot and see ya in another post soon 😀


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