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Discover our Apps (Tie the Tie)

Hi again with a new episode of Discover our Apps 😀

In today’s post we’ll talk about a very small but also a very useful App called Tie the Tie by Badreddine Kedjour.


do you often forget how to tie your tie? (well i do .. always :p), do you start to hate the shape of your tie and want to try some other shapes? .. look no further, with Tie the Tie you’re all set!

a clean simple step by step guide with pictures so you won’t miss any details

        2 3

        4 5

and you got 5 different kinds of Tie shapes to try and learn 😀

.. it just Amazing and so simple,

to download it .. click HERE

and as always, please Try, Rate and share this App if you like it :D , also if you have got any feedback, just post it in the comments section below! I’ll make sure to deliver it to the Developer of the app so he’ll consider it in the future updates

Thank you guys, see you in the next post incha allah :D


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