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Discover our Apps (SNTF) by Walid

Hi guys, and welcome to another episode of Discover our Apps 😀

in today’s post we’re going to talk about the app “SNTF” by Walid, a cool app that gives you easy access to train times.


the interface is pretty easy.


you choose your depart station then your arrival station, click on that arrow button on the right, and ..there you have it 😀


all the train times, in just few clicks away 🙂

i really found this app super useful, you guys should give it a try

to download “SNTF” click HERE

and as always, please Try, Rate and share this App if you like it :D , also if you have got any feedback, just post it in the comments section below! I’ll make sure to deliver it to the Developer of the app so he’ll consider it in the future updates

Thank you guys, see you in the next post incha allah 😀


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One thought on “Discover our Apps (SNTF) by Walid

  1. lida on said:

    la fenetre ou c’est ecrit Babylon par le haut ca se modifie mais le contenu ne change pas Mca je veux dire le haut (MSN ,YAHOO,..) mais le contenue c toujours Babylone une autre remarque il cerais preferable de le metre en francais car c la langue la mieux parlais en algerie 😉 pour ceux qui ne comprennent pas l’anglais c enbettant et bon courage pour la suite je vous souhete bcp de succees nchallah MCA

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