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Congratulations to Sid’Ali Mellouk

                                    He Did It!!


Congratulations to Sid’Ali Mellouk, winner of App of the month for May with his App: “FenySms

       you really deserve it man!, Mabrouk!! 😀

so .. what is FenySms?


FenySms is a Windows 8 app that lets you login and use Nedjma free* web sms service in a comfortable Windows 8 App that is fast, more intuitive and has many features that are messing in the basic web service 😀

The App still waiting for Nedjma official Approval to be published on Windows 8 marketplace, but right now it does work! and its really .. Amazing!, I’ll tell you guys in the next few lines about some of its features, but just remember!, the final version still not available yet, and it could be somehow different from the one I’m showing you right now.

alright then.. let’s start!

when you login in the app with your Nedjma web service account info, you se the App main menu that looks like this:


FenySms let’s you add all your contacts, Add Picture to to each of them, categories them, and manage them the way you like, so you can save time and do more!


with FenySms you can send not just one sms at the time!, but more!! .. you can send the same sms to 2 or 4 or 5 or all your saved contacts at the same time!! .. , so if you’re like planning to go hanging out with friends, with FenySms you can message them all in just few clicks and save lot of time calling and messaging each of them individually. pretty good stuff huh! 😀

of course FenySms support snapped view, so you can work and have the app or your right screen to have access to it more easily anytime.

the app should come to windows 8 marketplace soon 😀 .. so you guys just stay tuned!

– i like to mention Also that Sid’Ali Mellouk made another App called “Masjid” that is absolutely nothing short of amazing!



it lets you see the Kibla direction, gives your the Prayer times, and use GPS service on your Surface RT (for example) to locate and guide you through Bing Map to the closest Masjid near you!! 

also just want to mention that when using it on the Surface RT you see a compass that leads to Kibla direction instead of just text, (I’m sorry i don’t have a snapshot to show you that right now, but I’ll do a proper review for it in the future incha allah).

in the end,

             !ماشاء الله عليك الشيخ سيدعلي.. ولله فرحتنا خو


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3 thoughts on “Congratulations to Sid’Ali Mellouk

  1. can u give us a link ?

    • link to the application, i’m sorry but as i mention in the post (its still not on windows 8 marketplace yet :/) sorry about that, but it should come soon (once its gets the approval form Nedjma) .. keep checking, once its out, i’ll tell you guys.

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