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App of the month of May!

Its TIME again! .. to decide the champion that will go home a this beauty 😀 :


the Apps competing in month of April are:

  • Transcode It! by Noureddine Bouabdallah  LINK
  • SNTF by Walid LINK
  • Le Savoir Inutile by Mounir Lamara Mohamed LINK
  • Funny SMS by Dali (soon on windows 8 store)
  • Masjid  by Dali (soon on windows 8 store)

the participants are now displaying their apps before everyone in the DevCamp, and in few moments a vote is going to happen to choose the Winner 😀

   WP_20130607_016 (1)      WP_20130607_026

   WP_20130607_020      WP_20130607_014


Keep checking .. the winner will be decided soon!!


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8 thoughts on “App of the month of May!

  1. reader on said:

    Transcode It is very buggy, hope he doesn’t win.

    • buggy?, where? .. something doesn’t work? .. any feedback helps

      • reader on said:

        * A (from hex) to Binary and see the results for your self.
        * Converting from binary to binary using invalid binary works
        * Binary to hex using invalid binary works

        BTW you didn’t answer my question. How can I participate ?

      • ah, Ok Thank you!,(didn’t play with it much), will contact the Developer about this issue .. it should be resolved in the next updates 😀

  2. reader on said:

    A question: How can I participate ?

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