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Congratulations to Amel, Khadidja and Hadjer!


                           THEY DID IT!

Hard work, passion, always pays off, and this is just another example of that, the winner app “Phytothérapie” just ROCK guys!


Phytothérapie is small encyclopedia for medical plants that contain more then 200 plants! 


Each plant comes with all information you would ever need, it goes from the name of the plant and the sickness that cures to how to prepare the medicine with it.

all this work, this girls done it MANULY! .. yup! not easy at all!

a must have app guys 😀 .. to download it Click HERE (to go to its store page)

a Cheer to all the participant, your apps are awesome guys, especially:


                                                         World Flags Quizz by Mehdi Agab


         Maths Quizz by Khadidja Bourahla


                                                Quel est cet animal ? & من هذا الحيوان ؟ by Walid

you guys did very well, wish you good luck in the next month competition

also a big thanks for all MSPs and DevCamp participants for the amazing atmosphere! 😀

  DSC04594        DSC04589

  DSC04603        DSC04598



  Amel, Khadidja, Hadjer .. WELL DONE GIRLS

                                                       يعطيكم الصحة


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3 thoughts on “Congratulations to Amel, Khadidja and Hadjer!

  1. Toutes mes félicitations les filles !

  2. Elma on said:

    Merci Imad et merci lamia Segueni 🙂

  3. Anonymous on said:

    félicitations amel

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