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Discover Our Apps (RG Cryptage)

another episode of Discover our Apps! :D, and in today’s episode, we going to look at RG Cryptage, your all in one solution to crypt your messages and have some fun and maybe some serious privacy too! :p , before i get started with the review i just want to tell guys that:

                                  life on mars

You have to try it and see yourself! LOL 😀

RG Cryptage, what is this App?


RG Cryptage is a simple app that let you crypt you messages, it uses 3 different levels, Easy, Medium and Hard

in Easy


it turn the text into this: nameerF .rD dlrow olleH (hard to read but still readable)

in Medium


a bit more complex like this: obnffsF .sD emspx pmmfH

and in Hard


Totally unreadable :p like this: ҽҰҼҴҴҡҔӲӼҡҖӲҷҿҡҢҪӲҢҿҿҴҚ

Using the App is so easy, just write down (or past) the text you want to encrypt, then press one of the 3 mode of encryption (Easy, Medium or Hard) and that’s it :p

to decrypt a text (like when you get a secret message from your friend 😉 ) you go to Decryptage in the main menu


past your encrypted text


Click on the mode the text is encrypted in and Thats IT! :p ..

i really enjoy playing around with this app, it can be really fun sending and receiving encrypted texts with your friends, or like in a chatroom (to look like a boss .. no one understand you but only the people you know) 🙂

To Download RG Cryptage Click HERE

and as always, please Try, Rate and share this App if you like it :D , also if you have got any feedback, just post it in the comments section below! I’ll make sure to deliver it to the Developer of the app so he’ll consider it in the future updates


The App of the month Competition is still on guys! 😀 so if you got an idea for an App you always wanted to make?, you need help to get started coding?, you want to win this amazing thing below?



every end of month a best App of the month is chosen and the winner will go home with a Surface RT!! (like a Boss :p)

Yes! its true! what you waiting for? .. build your App and participate NOW!

interested? Visit this LINK

you don’t know how to code for Windows 8? .. NO PROBLEM!, almost every week there are Devcamps held at Microsoft Office here in Algeria were you can find people to help you get started!

to know more visit our Facebook Page


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One thought on “Discover Our Apps (RG Cryptage)

  1. ahmed on said:

    Chiffre de Hill 1929 decrypté sa fait plus de 50 ans

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