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Do you often forget movies you were planning to check and watch?, do you always forget the show, series, or movie your friend recommend to you?, have you had enough using notepad to write down your watch list and lost the text file or remove it by accident?

do you find all those note taking applications too much sophisticated for your simple task, a watch list to remember what to watch?

Well i did too, but no more with Watch List by Badreddine Kedjour 😀


Watch List is probably the simplest app you may ever saw, its clean and easy interface really appeal to the eye and let do more of what you need then waste your time looking for the way to do it :p

it got full support for Windows 8 snapped view


so you don’t have to close the app and re-open it again, or hide it and then bring it up again to write what you want, you just grab the app form the top and put it to the side like the picture above and you’re done! 😀

when closing the app or hide it, you still got the app live title to remind you of your watch list this:


so that you shall not forget the movies and shows you want to watch 😉

you can share your watch list with your friends, family via Email, twitter, or facebook easily through windows 8 sharing menu


when want to remove an entry in your watch list, just click to select what you want to remove, right click (in PC) or swipe form the top (in a Tablet)


then click on the remove button, .. lol!, yup .. That’s IT!

so there’s you go, a great solution to keep your watch list in a handy place, no need for complex note taking apps or notepad or whatever, Watch List is more then enough to do that for you 😀

To download watch list please click HERE to go to its store page.

and as always, please Try, Rate and share this App if you like it :D , also if you have got any feedback, just post it in the comments section below! I’ll make sure to deliver it to the Developer of the app so he’ll consider it in the future updates


you got an idea for an App you always wanted to make?, you need help to get started coding?, you want to win this amazing thing below?

      surfacetablet (1)


every end of month a best App of the month is chosen and the winner will go home with a Surface RT!! (like a Boss :p)

Yes! its true! what you waiting for? .. build your App and participate NOW!

interested? Visit this LINK

you don’t know how to code for Windows 8? .. NO PROBLEM!, almost every week there are Devcamps held at Microsoft Office here in Algeria were you can find people to help you get started!

to know more visit our Facebook Page


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