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Discover our Apps (Maths Quizz)

Back with another episode of “Discover our Apps” series, and today we will discover a fun App (i really enjoy it) called Matchs Quizz made by Khadidja Bourahla


just form reading its name, I’m sure you already know, Maths Quizz is all about math quizzes, but let me tell you, its not just like the rest of math quiz games you may already saw,

if you have noticed, most of math quiz games out there are all the same, all based on tests in ( additions, subtractions, multiplications and divisions) yeah good but we already have that.

Maths Quizz manage to really differentiate itself, it put your knowledge and reflection to the test in simplifying the equations (sometimes the other way around) and find the right answer, to put it simply, a great math training for your brain, for real!

as for the App itself (so easy), your score is shown here


A: show your correct answers

B: show the number of quizzes you’ve done

and that’s all you need to know lol :D, If you like to train your brain and love Math Quizzes, Maths Quizz is a absolutely a MUST SEE!

to try the App go HERE

and as always, please Try, Rate and share this App if you like it :D, also if you have got any feedback, just post it in the comments section below! I’ll make sure to deliver it to the Developer of the app so she’ll consider it in the future updates


you got an idea for an App you always wanted to make?, you need help to get started coding?, you want to win this amazing thing below?


  Surface-RT-box-600x449 Microsoft_Surface_RT_rear


every end of month a best App of the month is chosen and the winner will go home with a Surface RT!! (like a Boss :p)

Yes! its true! what you waiting for? .. build your App and participate NOW!

interested? Visit this LINK

you don’t know how to code for Windows 8? .. NO PROBLEM!, almost every week there are Devcamps held at Microsoft Office here in Algeria were you can find people to help you get started!

to know more visit our Facebook Page


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