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Imagine Cup Moments: Meet Infernal Team (Game Category Winners)



Infernal Team, game category winners in Imagine Cup Local Finals 2013

who are they ? ,how the team was founded ? and more about their game “IV”, let’s discover this great team and learn form their success story 😀

so Infernal Team, when did it start ?

Infernal team was founded in spring of 2003 by two students B.Kedjour and D.Machouk, the first biggest interest of the team was in 2d animations (using Macromedia Flash, now Adobe Flash” and 3D map modeling (using valve hammer editor) after that the team start having interest in “BASIC” and “JavaScript” language and made some mini games at the time.

The team members kept learning and polishing their skills in many areas such as programming languages (C / C++), 3D design programs (modeling / animation in 3DS MAX), Photoshop and in many other programs.

In Summer 2009 the team set their big challenge, make a real 3D game based on an entirely new engine made by them, after a long research and discussion on which programming language is best for the task, they ended up choosing C# for its simplicity and its powerful tools such as “Microsoft XNA Game Studio”

the first prototype “called IV42” was only in 2D, it was made to test the game mechanics and see if the idea works, it took a whole year after that for “IV” to see the light, the 3D version.

shortly after that, the team participate and won first prize! in XNA Game Challenge 2011.

 220018_161694807227005_118134931582993_392064_244730_o          210447_161697433893409_118134931582993_392082_4930572_o

after that the team start focusing more in learning and making Windows Phone 7 applications,

in 2013 two new members join them

and after a long absence Infernal Team came back this year and participate in Imagine Cup 2013 and won first place in game challenge category! 😀

in few lines this is the whole story of the team.

and now time to meet our champions !


From left to right ..

  • Badreddine Kedjour: Student at USTHB 5th year computing science
  • Djamel Eddine Machouk: Student at EXIA.cesi 3er year computing science
  • Mohamed Anes Mostefaoui: Student 3er year medicine
  • Sid’Ali Mellouk: student at USTHB 5th year computing science

their game IV! :


IV or “Intelligent Virus” is the second game developed by ITG (Infernal Team Game) its a 3D Platfermer Game with right now six levels (still in Demo), the story is about a virus “you” who entre someone’s PC and fight for world domination :D, recently the team add some new mods and improve some stuff in the game, some of those changes are:

  • Achievements
  • Better Games Arts
  • Scores Leader Board
  • Sharing Score and Achievements over Facebook
  • MODS ( 2 Official modes [ Survival mod , and Suicide Survival Mod )]
  • Users can create Mods and share’em
  • Improvements in the ( in-house ITG graphics engine )

if you’re interested you can try the demo!, to download go  HERE

and In the End i like to congratulate the team again for this:


and wish them all success with their future projects 😀 

please don’t forget to check and like (if you want) their Facebook Page and visit their Official Website too

Thank you for time reading this post 😀 and see you soon in the next post! ^^

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3 thoughts on “Imagine Cup Moments: Meet Infernal Team (Game Category Winners)

  1. I have seen this team over the years. The first time was at the XNA Game Challenge in 2011 at USTHB. They have been pretty good. I have to say though that I don’t see how much difference they have added to their game because I was there at Imagine Cup 2013 also at ESI. It’s fair to say they have won because the other team — Aqua or something, fighting water polution and all that, didn’t really sharpen their game. And their presentation was not very impressive either. All in all I wish them well as they go to Russia.

    I was impressed with those 3 girls — all in first year. That gives hope for something major in the future at Imagine Cup. I hope next year it will be even much better.

    One other thing I have noticed is that many students still don’t even know Imagine Cup exists. For example I am in L2 ACAD at USTHB and none of my clasemates even knows what Imagine Cup is. So please since you are an MSP you should try to reach out to a lot of students out there so they can participate in Imagine Cup. It will bring in fresh ideas — it shouldn’t be only Ask Design that competes in these local finals.

    Otherwise you are doing such a good job, keep up with the passion.

    • Hi 🙂
      thanks a lot for your comment imasiku, yeah, to say the truth, they didn’t add much because they decide to participate at the end (i guess it was a week before the registration ends), so they didn’t really have the time to make any big improvements.
      also unfortunately, they won’t be going to Russia, only Ask Design will go (first place winners), this year the 3 categories compete but just one team can go :/
      but they still have a chance in the global competition (on the net) were they choose many teams form many countries (for example, last year, Klein Team didn’t won in the local finals but won in the global competition)
      and yeah agree, those 3 girls were impressive indeed but i’m not sure if their idea will really works to be honest with you (but well .. i hope to see them next year, maybe then we see a real application for their invention )
      True, i know, well this year there were few problems, so things didn’t go very smoothly, but next year (incha allah) ,things will get better, i’ll deliver your message to our ADE (and i agree with you) many students still have no idea what imagine Cup is, that is not acceptable.

      thanks 🙂 glad you liked my blog 😀
      Take care Imasiku

  2. Mira on said:

    CoOl … Awesome !

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