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Congratulations To Ask Design Winners of Imagine Cup Local Finals!


Hard work, passion and determination always pay’s off!, and that’s the case with the team Ask Design, after not make it in last year finals, they didn’t just feel sad and gave up right after it, they learn form their mistakes and kept working and polishing their project ( Code named: Two Keys v2.0 ) till they reach its full idea and show its true potential and the good it can bring to society, now Two Keys is really something wonderful!!

   459477_158507774324854_599771033_o       472392_10151562525868810_1602818266_o

   473070_10151562528483810_847782241_o       479405_10151562506073810_1461089595_o

so….. CONGRATULATIONS ASK DESIGN! a big Salute to you guys “Rezig Fayçal, Redjah Hichem, Ahmidatou Adel, Bouzaheur Salim, Amari Abdelghani


wish you all best and success in the Global Finals!

                     والله فرحتونا وإنشاء الله تزيدو تفرحونا في النهائيات

and without forgetting the Amazing work other teams did, it was all very impressive, all the projects were truly speak quality that reflect the heavy work the teams put on it, and from those teams i like to mention :

Infernal Team (Gaming Category Winners) 

from right to left:

  • Badreddine Kedjour
  • Djamel Eddine Machouk
  • Mohamed Anes Mostefaoui
  • Sid’Ali Mellouk


  479404_10151562514083810_1184348974_o         901303_10151562504308810_1786418886_o

your Game guys is so AMAZING!! Congratulations and KEEP IT UP!! 😀

                                           يعطيكم الصحة


Aqua Controllers with their Project Smart Aqua Control

  DSC04490        DSC04488

  • Ilyasse Belkacem
  • Walid merrad
  • Yacine Belghit
  • Redouane Lamara
  • Imad Belkacem (Mentor)

Even if you guys didn’t make it to the semi-finals, i think and believe that your Project is AMAZING and have great potential! .. don’t give up just yet! ..,KEEP IT UP and incha allah next year JIBOHA! 🙂

All Star with their project OPTIMUS

  • Mahdi Yaici
  • Lotfi Mediouni
  • Abderrahmane Ahmed Bencherik
  • Aissa Ait Ahcène
  • Yasmine Sefouane (Mentor)

  459499_10151562500173810_499552369_o         902623_10151562521063810_1489507998_o (1)

you did well guys, Congratulations!

also big thanks to Microsoft for organizing this Amazing Competition and all the sponsors who help making this possible (Octave.Biz, Condor, IT Comp and l’ANPT)

also big thanks to the MSPs who help with the organizations of the event, and to everyone who help making this year’s Imagine Cup local finals full of unforgettable moments 😀


and as always : If you like the Post, Please Share it 😀

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2 thoughts on “Congratulations To Ask Design Winners of Imagine Cup Local Finals!

  1. mralghazali on said:

    Congrats for Ask Design, in which competition do they compete (citizenship/innovation/game)?

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