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Discover our Apps (PrayTimes)

Never miss a prayer again with PrayTimes! by Haddouche Yasmine, i absolutely love this app man!,its so unique, and … just not another prayer times app (we’ve seen a lot of them, and they look all 100% identical) , i really feel PrayTimes bring something new to the table.


so .. let’s get right to it, and see why this app is so unique 😀

when you open the app, it will ask for your permission to use the GPS to locate you (if you were using a windows 8 tablet), you press yes, and the prayer times of your region show up as follow:


… did guys you notice something just yet ? .. how many steps we gone through ? .. LOL, yeah! your set up!! its just That SIMPLE! no need to go through any menu’s or anything, it do the job automatically!! (ok .. some of you will say, oh .. those are simple menu’s asking you for your country, city and bunch of other simple stuff) .. i say yes, but for an old person or someone who’s inexperienced, even going through such menus seems to them as nightmare! .., some people just want to click and get everything up and running, and that’s exactly what this app is about!

if you were using a PC (no GPS) you still can find your city either by using this menu:


or using Bing Map!


this is how you use Bing Map, first, you can navigate through that little box or better click once on it to get the bigger mode


find your city (for example: médéa)


one click on médéa, you get back to the first page


and you’re DONE!! .. in any place in the world, you got your prayer times with you.

you can change the date (for example you want tomorrow’s prayer time) here :


also you can use the share feature available in windows 8 through the right menu (when you slide form the right using a tablet, or take your mouse cursor to the top right in PC)

     10      11


you can share the next prayer time on Facebook, twitter or Email (as i did)

and finally by closing the app, you still got this :


as i said at the beginning.. i really love it!, i never see features like this in any prayer times app i pass by in the past, Simple and Unique .. is the best description for PrayTimes.

Haddouche Yasmine .. GOOD JOB!

To Download PrayTimes click  Here (will lead you to the store page)

and as Always, Please download, rate and share this App, you’re support is needed!

Thanks lot for your time guys,

and see you soon with another episode of Discover our Apps

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5 thoughts on “Discover our Apps (PrayTimes)

  1. Tarik on said:

    Very innovative !!!!

  2. Anas on said:

    very nice article Imad, keep doing this great work !

  3. Mohamed on said:

    I din’t try it yet, but it looks good and very simple, The simpler the better …

    there’s something on my mind though , does it use a known web service to get the prayer times ?

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