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Discover our Apps (DZ Media)

Again with a new Episode of Discover our Apps :D, and in today’s post we going to talk about the app: DZ Media by Oussama Zebar


and again what can i say about it is just .. Great Great App man!, very useful and has everything you ever need!, Absolutely a MUST HAVE!

Okay, so .. let’s get right to it! 😀

when you first open the app you get this page, were you can choose between the two main categories “Radio Algérien” and “Les Journaux”


you can choose one from the 6 famous news paper or click on “Autres”


to get the full list of news papers, there are 29 News Paper to choose form! both languages Arabic and French , so you really got it all there at the palm of your hand 😀


when clicking on “Radio Algérien” you get this page:


were you have like +50 Algerian Radio station to choose from!!

to listen to a station click “Play”


to stop it click “Pause”


                              IT’S THAT SIMPLE!

lol, that’s what i like the most about this app, Simplicity ..

To Download DZ Media please Click here (will lead you to the store page)

and as always, please rate, recommend, and share this great app with all your friends! your support is needed 😀

Thank you so much for reading 🙂 and stay tuned for the next episode of Discover our Apps


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