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Imagine Cup Local Finals!! This Saturday 04/05/2013


Yes!, the time has finally come to choose our winners, that will represent Algeria 😀 at the Imagine Cup global finals in Saint Petersburg, Russia!

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With great success and lot of amazing memories in last year’s finals, we’re all super happy and super excited to welcome you to this year finals ^^

             So come, support your favorite team, and have fun with us! 

Date : Saturday 4 May 2013                                                                                  Place : ESI (Ecole Nationale Supérieure D’Informatique) a Oued Smar Alger                                                                                                                         Time : 11:00 AM

This year we got 8 teams participating in Imagine Cup’s 3 main categories

World Citizenship Competition:

Aqua Controllers – Smart Aqua Control

  • Ilyasse Belkacem
  • Walid merrad
  • Yacine Belghit
  • Redouane Lamara
  • Imad Belkacem (Mentor)

Ask Design – Two Keys v2.0

  • Rezig Fayçal
  • Redjah Hichem
  • Ahmidatou Adel
  • Bouzaheur Salim
  • Amari Abdelghani (Mentor)

Creative – E-Care

  • Meriem Chehih
  • Asma Chaibi
  • Sonia Benbalkacem

Games Competiton :

Ask Design – Traffic Solutions

  • Rezig Fayçal
  • Redjah Hichem
  • Ahmidatou Adel
  • Bouzaheur Salim
  • Amari Abdelghani (Mentor)

Infernal Team Games – IV

  • Badreddine Kedjour
  • Mohamed Anes Mostefaoui
  • Djamel Eddine Machouk
  • Sid’Ali Mellouk

Reload – Water World

  • Ahmed Krizou
  • Falek Mohamed Amine
  • Benterkia Amine Tewfik
  • Boutaouche Mohamed Oussama
  • Nazim Bouktab (Mentor)

Innovation Competition:

All Star – All Star

  • Mahdi Yaici
  • Lotfi Mediouni
  • Abderrahmane Ahmed Bencherik
  • Aissa Ait Ahcène
  • Yasmine Sefouane (Mentor)

Digital Health Care Team – Reading Face

  • Guenaoui Nassima
  • Adim Lamia
  • Smail Asma

Raw3a – Dalil

  • Azouni Abdelhadi
  • Fethi Dilmi
  • Hadjadj Meziane
  • Ammisaid Mustapha
  • Ameur Zoubir (Mentor)

            NOT TO MISS GUYS!.. See you there Inchallah 😉

If you still have some questions or want more Info please visit this link : HERE


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