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Discover our Apps Series ^^ (1er: El WATAN)

A new blog series I’m starting today, intended to highlight and show the work of our local Algerian students through all the DevCamps and let you discover all the apps we’ve been doing 😀

so for today I’m going to talk about one of the very well build apps we’ve done, “El WATAN for Windows 8” by Amine Iratni “former MSP”


First i have to say this, this app is a must have!, great for everyday use, let you browse and read all news in perfect elegance and simplicity on your windows 8 device, also offers really cool features and functionalities, I’ll go though them right away,

after opening the app, in the first page you’ll find the 4 main categories “Actualité, Sports, Economie, Monde and culture” in each category you see the latest news and articles .. you can click “voir plus” to see more articles about that specific category


for example: when clicking “Voir Plus” on “Economie” category you see the rest of the articles like this :


by “right clicking on the mouse” in PC (slide form the top in tablets) you’ll see this list where you can browse news by region or hebdo,


you can also click “Ctrl + mouse wheel back” in PC (pinch to zoom back in tablets) to get this menu which has the same functionality 🙂


ok .. ,let’s say you click on a specific article and found the text too small for you to read ? well … No Problem! 😀 ,you can adjust the text size easily! just by clicking “right mouse” in PC (slide form the top in tablets) through this menu


you can also bookmark “Epingler” any article you want,so you can find it later in the favorite section on the start page of the app.


and my most favorite feature in this app is “the offline reading!”, yup .. you can actually BROWSE ALL NEWS OFFLINE!, the app updates the news whenever you’re connected to the internet,  so for example when you wake up in the morning, you open the app to update “take just few sec’s”, then when leaving your home heading to work, you can re-open it on the bus “for example” and browse and read all the news without having to connect to the internet!.. ! 😀

Great Great App guys, Recommended to everyone, you must try it out ! to download it Click


Please Rate, Share and Support this app!

Thanks a lot! and see you soon on the next of “Discover our Apps


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One thought on “Discover our Apps Series ^^ (1er: El WATAN)

  1. Nice Article, and nice application 😀

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