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And the Second DevCamp Just Started!

and its all about Windows 8 apps !

WP_20130322_013  WP_20130322_016

WP_20130322_018  WP_20130322_001

Everyone is so excited ! .. we gathered about 50 idea for an app in the brainstorming session, after that we choose 11 idea to start working on it !

then … Dinner :p

WP_20130322_004   WP_20130322_008

What’s so exciting this time is there’s PRIZES! yeah .. PRIZES! for the best app of the month! a Surface RT 32Gb will be given every end of month for the best app!

So What YOU Waiting For ? .. its Time to build your App of dream and go home with a Surface RT … LIKE A BOSS! :p

keep checking guys, will post more later 😉


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2 thoughts on “And the Second DevCamp Just Started!

  1. Amine Funesto on said:

    Super , bonne chance and bonne continuation

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