Dz MSP's

Algerian Microsoft Student Partners activity's and much more !

Evening comes, the the guys are on it heart and soul (… wait .. is that.. Counter-Strike !! )

LOL!, .. as I said before, DevCamps are not just about Coding all day, it’s about having fun too Smile with tongue out 

DSC00076            DSC00077

.. a little partiya with Moumen and el Jema3a Smile 

well for the Apps, things are going very well actually, many apps are almost done with their design, but still . big part isn’t done yet ( .. and we’re up to it Smile with tongue out )

DSC00055          DSC00052

DSC00060           DSC00057

evening, and ahead of us a long, heavy night full of coding and .. ^^, let’s DO IT GUYS !


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