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DevCamp 7 just Started !! wish us luck

Morning!, and here we are 10:00 AM, we though we were late, then we find out, we were the first!, .. ( And Moumen is still half an hour far “at best! Smile with tongue out“ )

20120601_105024           20120601_105035

lol, .. after Moumen came, we start with a quick snack

20120601_105545           20120601_105527

Then you know, Work! .. and the first step as usual (brain storming some brains Smile “LOL, I’m sounding like a zombie, Brraainsss ..” )

20120601_112245           20120601_115839

20120601_114305           20120601_114355

After we gather something around 29 idea, we begin discussing about them, asking questions like “ is it a good idea?, can we add something to it?, can we finish it in just two day’s?, who will be doing it? …. ect ”

then, after that, the real thing finally start ..CODING ! Smile 

wish us luck . !


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3 thoughts on “DevCamp 7 just Started !! wish us luck

  1. F.Bendimerad on said:

    Oh cool, just like if i were with you guys… I’m recognising Reda, Rg Geutt, Moumen and Ira Mine and you look really fine all of you. But tell me what would you do with luck! all you gonna need is a lot of coding, so i wish you no sleep and a lot of apps :p

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