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Congratulations to Desert Fenecs Team and all Teams who participate ! ( you’re all Awesome )

 Congratulations !



Desert Fenecs We’re so proud of you guys ! you’re project is so interesting and I’m so certain we could made it this time ! , keep rocking like this, and work more harder for the global finals and incha allah you’ll be and we’ll be with you ( why not ) the winners ! ( we believe in you guys, makes us proud ! )

another Congratulations for all the other teams

DSC02837            DSC02773

DSC02778            DSC02797

your projects also are so cool and interesting, and we’re so proud of you guys, please don’t lose hope, and better luck incha allah for the next year edition Smile 

DSC02848            403484_3900857607702_1467032919_33347198_563030834_n

and in this amazing happy atmosphere, Imagine Cup 2012 Software Design local finals ends, with big hopes on our champions Desert Fenecs team to represent Algeria in the most best way incha allah, and achieve the dream we always had ( winning “the Cup !” )

Also, there are few teams that participate in Imagine Cup challenges and still waiting for the results to come out “they will be out in 23 May incha allah” for a chance to represent us too in other competitions then software Design, so wish them luck and wish luck for our Fenecs! too Open-mouthed smile 

yeah ! .. and one more thing !

DSC02811           DSC02812

I was honored during the finals by Microsoft and become MSP Idol of the year Open-mouthed smile as a reward and encouragement for my Blogging and Social Media Activism ( THANK YOU MICROSFT ), and I want to have this opportunity to share this with all my MSPs brothers and sisters, and I want to tell them “thank you all guys” my biggest reward is to get to know you and be with you Smile ( you’re the best friends I ever had Open-mouthed smile )

and finally I want to Thank Club CLust,and All NAS Tlemcen for the their help, generosity, and the warm welcome we had ( you’re the best guys ! )


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3 thoughts on “Congratulations to Desert Fenecs Team and all Teams who participate ! ( you’re all Awesome )

  1. Anonymous on said:

    you deserve it Imad, congrats bro 😉

  2. NACER on said:

    Congratulations my freind =)

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