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The 6 Teams who passes to second round are !

DSC02572            DSC02577

After a long waiting ( we play with Kinect … then Dinner .. then waiting again then .. then Smile with tongue out ), the teams qualified to pass to the second round are announced, and … Congratulations to :

— iBDa3 Team


— Desert fenecs Team

— Ask design Team

— LastMin Team

— nakama Team

you guys ROCK !

.. and for all the others guys who didn’t make it, just want to say “Ya3tikoum el Saha, you all ROCK ,

you did a great Job and you should and we are very proud of you !

Imagine Cup is not the end, there still a lot opportunities out there waiting for you guys to transform those amazing project into realty !

Big salut for you !!


يعطيكم الصحة و ربي يوفقكم

In the end let’s wish a good luck for our second round teams and .. a good night for them Smile with tongue out , thanks for reading .. good night !


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