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Imagine Cup Finals Journey Starts !

Morning !, exactly 8:35 AM, all the 12 finalist team are packed up, food, water … done !, everyone’s is ready, get in the bus and .. LET’S GO !

DSC02421         DSC02422

DSC02418         DSC02420

the great journey starts for our champions to the big step before Australia, the local finals, weeks of preparation and hard work are over, and now it’s time to impress the world !

the first session starts today “at 5:00 PM” to chose from 12 the 6 teams that will pass to the second round

wish them luck guys ! Open-mouthed smile 

Yeah, and I’ll be posting for more upcoming news for the next hours , keep checking Winking smile !


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One thought on “Imagine Cup Finals Journey Starts !

  1. Anonymous on said:

    wow seems fun

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