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Algerian Microsoft Student Partners activity's and much more !

You’re Invited to attend Imagine Cup Local finals, Date: this Saturday at Tlemcen ! ( Not to Miss ! )


Hi Smile Salam Alikoum everyone ! , well,  the great moment we all were waiting for has come!

and now it’s time to chose from the 12 final teams who will go to Australia to represent us at the Imagine Cup Software Design global finals !

frankly, I got to tell you, this year was really particular, the guys did so well and we have a lot of really promising and amazing projects, so expect nothing less then a really, really intense competition !

Everyone’s goal this time, is not just make it here in Algeria, but also, make it there at the global finals, and achieve some high rank among the participants and why not, be the winners ! Open-mouthed smile ( incha allah ) 

So come, discover, be at the center of the action, see our young students rocking projects, make friends and have fun ^^ !

The Finals will be held this  Saturday 5 May! at the Auditorium of Medical Faculty in Tlemcen, so just two day’s form now !


well apparently the buses are full, only people who have register before and get an Email conforming their reservation can go ,so sorry about that Sad smile

though you still can come ( by train, your car or .. ) 


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