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Interview with Walid “Smart Mobility Champion”

Walid is the first prize winner in SMC with his application DzTrainTimes, ” the first prize is a ticket to Australia to attend Imagine Cup 2à12 global finals”

SMC refer to “Smart Mobility Challenge” , the biggest and brightest competition of Windows Phone application development in Algeria ! 

today, I want to talk with him about this particular amazing experience he had, how it all started, how he made it. DSC02334

Me, Walid and Aymen

Salam Alikoum Walid, First, just want to say Congratulations! man, we’re so proud of you, the soon I saw your presentation, I know you’ll made it Smile

thanks a lot Imad, yeah, El hamdu-li-Allah my presentation went very well, and everyone seem to like my application Open-mouthed smile

Ok, so .. walid, when you first heard of Windows Phone ? I mean what was the start ?

First time I heard of windows was I guess … last summer, but my real first contact with the platform and it’s functionalities would be the first AppBooster ( we call them DevCamps now ), were we had to develop and build WP7 apps in a short amount of time ”two days”, then upload them to “”

with everyone’s hard work we manage to build 10 app’s in those two day’s,


but not only app’s were build during that time, but also friendship, knowledge, and some unforgettable moments helping each other and working together as one, 

that was fun, and I guess that what opens WP7 door’s to me.

having fun doing something is an incredible trigger, it makes you always hungry for more, always learning and trying new things.

when you decide to participle in SMC ? and what inspires you to build this Application ?

I decided to participate in SMC because I really want it, for me it was the ultimate opportunity I was waiting for to show what I learn and give myself a real challenge, but the problem was the idea. I didn’t had a good one that corresponds to the theme of the competition which was “changing the daily life for a better Algeria”.

Until that day when two friends of mine, who always travel in train told me that they always face the same problem, they can not remember all the train times, and that cause them to always miss the train and arrive late.

And that was it, we need an Application that solves this problem (that I‘m sure it’s been experienced by so many), so I said to myself ( this is it ! )  i could bring some real positive impact to my society through this application,

the next minute I found myself opening Visual Studio for Windows Phone 

how much time this application have taken form you?

DzTrainTimes take me 3 weeks to finish it (thought I still got some more ideas to improve it)

anyway, I first started with the design of my app,

after I deciding how I want it to look like, I moved to coding and designing were by the way I had some great help from my friends Aymen and Amine, who I thank so much ! (thank you guys, I wouldn’t get anywhere without your support!), after that, the final step “publishing it to the Marketplace!”

How do you feel now, knowing you’re a champion? 

I’m so glad and so happy, knowing that my work and efforts paid off Open-mouthed smile.

Do  you have anything you want to say to the other students out there reading this article and maybe willing to be the champions of the next SMC?

Yes, actually I just want to tell you guys, do not let fear of failure held you to participate into this kind of competitions,

to have faith in yourself is very important, trust me when I tell you this,

learning development in windows phone is so easy and so fun, after few weeks of studying it, you guys will not believe what you can do!

So yeah .., give it a try, you’ll be impressed,

that’s all and thank you Smile 

Thanks a lot Walid for your time, it’s been very nice talking to you, wish you  more achievements and more success in your future projects incha allah.


and finally thank YOU guys for reading this interview, I hope you like as I did, see you next time Winking smile


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