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Coffee rest and then the Big long step “Coding and design”

After brainstorming we had a coffee rest for 30 min, then .. ( back to work ! )

DSC_0301        DSC_0311 (2)

Remarque : Coffee rest doesn’t mean we get free coffee ( actually ) coffee is no way cheap around here Smile with tongue out ( thank god I’m not into coffee Laughing out loud lool )

after each of us select the app he’ll be working on, the guys start working on design

DSC_0303 (2) and as you can see, some got outside to have some fresh air

DSC_0313 (2)   some spend the coffee pause with a nap Smile

DSC_0327  and some others start writing things on papers already !                                                                                                anyway .., after that comes (again) the nasty connection problem again I talk to you guys about earlier Sad smile, .. take a long while before we were back to “Internet!”

the guys didn’t care much about it, everyone is giving his best Smile !

DSC_0328            DSC_0335

I’ll keep posting, so don’t forget to comeback for more news Smile


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