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BrainStroming come up with 132 idea for an App !! ( just so impressive )

For those who aren’t familiar with the concept and utility of Brainstorming, in few words, it’s a marvelous way to collect idea’s, based on bunch of simple basic rules divided into two part’s : part one is gather second is select,

starting with gathering part: simple, all are welcome to say their idea freely, only one speak at the time, do not question an idea, all idea’s are written,

DSC_0253           DSC_0288

after that comes the selecting part: when we gather enough amount of idea’s  ( in our case, we had something like 132 idea )  we start selecting and questioning the idea ( seeing on the impact, feasibility, time taking .. ect )

DSC_0290            DSC_0293

in doing so we every person choose and take an App to develop, the chosen App’s are:

  • Anti moustique
  • Citation Punch
  • Strenght Prayer
  • Times Bouldan
  • Dico Educatif
  • Conversion d’unité vers une autre unité
  • Conversion binaire, octal, hexa, ….
  • Crypter et décrypter des message secrets !
  • Le guide du Hadj
  • George Carlin Best Quotes
  • Speed Reading
  • Virtual GF
  • Tella3 El Moral

DSC_0301           DSC_0308 (2)

“some very nice picture outside, CyberParc is located in a totally amazing place, nature is all around you, great source of inspiration Flirt male

next .. Design and Coding ! keep checking Smile 

yeah and guys if you have any suggestion maybe ? or idea’s .. please leave a comment in the comment section below Thumbs up


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