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Algerian Microsoft Student Partners activity's and much more !

DevCamp 5 to be held this Friday at CyberParc guys! , Don’t miss it out, Hurry and Register to Join!




And at last, the Exact date for DevCamp 5 is confirmed! “This Friday 20 April at CyberParc Sidi Abdellah incha allah


the challenge is the same as usual, it’s all about bringing your idea into a real Windows Phone “Application or Game” Submitted at YallaApps in Two Day’s ! that’s all, everything is taken care of, all you need to do is to sit, relax and with some imagination, work, fun and collaboration we pass some unforgettable time building our dream app’s Smile with tongue out 


So guys, get ready for an unprecedented DevCamp full of Coding, fun, learning, and a good time hanging out with everyone Smile,

*** To Join all you need to do is :

– Contact Abdelmoumene or Amine at this two Email’s : 


Ah.. yes, before I forget, hopefully and for the FIRST TIME Smile with tongue out .. we’ll have this guys to accompany us ! Open-mouthed smile , Cool .. huh ?


so now we can have some fun at the evening !

that’s all .. see you there incha allah Winking smile !


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