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Imagine Cup Software Design Competition: 12 Teams to Local the Finals at Tlemcen / Reserve your seat to the local finals before they run’s out !

Algeria finals

12 Amazing Algerian Teams have been selected for the last step before Australia, The Local Finals !, just One only Outstanding Team is to be chosen to represent Algeria in the Global Finals at Sydney / Australia

So wait guys for an unprecedented Intense competitions this year that you should not miss.

The Teams selected to the Finals are :

Ask design team
Desert fenecs team
LastMin team
OnoDrim Team

Congratulations for all the Team selected and wish you guys all good luck at the Finals,

shall the best WIN !

Want to be there at Medicine Faculty Auditorium / Tlemcen for the Local Finals, well Good News Open-mouthed smile, there will be Bus’s coming form : Algiers, Oran and Mostaganem. all you need to do is to reserve your seat, how to do that ? ,Easy Smile, just follow this step’s

1- Register at
2- Send an Email to with subject : FINALE NATIONALE IMAGINE CUP
3- don’t forget to mentions at your Email your full name and departure location ( what bus you’re willing to take ? )

please be advised that places are limited, so better be safe and register now before seats run’s out Smile 

Note: exact day for local Finals is 5 may 2012, you’ll be contacted for the bus’s time and all that information.

Take a good care guys, and see you there incha allah


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