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Imagine Cup 2012, Round 1 Results : So Proud of you guys :)


Ok, well .. if you haven’t heard yet, the results for Imagine Cup Challenges are out and man ! we’ve got many “ Outstanding! “ Algerian teams that passes to Round 2 Open-mouthed smile

Starting with

*Game Design Competition :

in Xbox/ Windows section

we’ve Got  4 Algerian Teams Open-mouthed smile !  

Congratulations guys !

meet our Hero’s

2012-04-02_171443 2012-04-02_171551



in Phone Section

2 Algerian Teams Smile

Congratulations ! Open-mouthed smile

our hero’s are


Windows Phone Challenge:

3 Algerian team Smile

Congratulations !

and our hero’s are :



*Windows Metro Style App Challenge:

1 Algerian Team Smile

congratulations !



*Final Word:

just want to give you this


يعطيكم الصحة

for the amazing work you done guys, your success is also our success, thank you for your innovation and hard work, and Good Luck with the third Round, incha allah you’ll go all to the finals Smile at Australia and get us that cup ! Open-mouthed smile 

without forgetting the guys out there who didn’t made it in the first Round, … it’s Ok Smile, you’ve done what you can, you did your best, just don’t let go and keep up that dream, and incha allah you’ll made it next year with Rocking Project that will impress the world ! , a big thanks to you too guys

thank you all,


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4 thoughts on “Imagine Cup 2012, Round 1 Results : So Proud of you guys :)

  1. Qchmqs on said:

    Sorry man , i don’t call this success i call it fail, Where is What You done For Us ? For the Other Algerians ? All You Did Was Doing Some Windows Specific Software, That only Micro$soft will benefit from it, You Know As Mush As I Know that we need programmers and designers for non-platform specific, and specially non-windows specific
    developers, Hope That Those Guys Think About getting experience outside windows world (which for the note is about to die soon)

    • Hi 🙂
      i see your point of view man, but i don’t think what we have here is a failure at all, to have strong presence of Algerian teams at a one of the biggest Global Software engineering competitions is a honer, and something to be proud of, you asking were is what you done for us ?, i tell you those teams represent us, those guys are the ambassadors of Algeria to the world, and if they make it there, they’ll get help and be just like those incha allah : other then that what will we want them to give us more!? 🙂 “it’s a competitions and they work and achieve .., i don’t really understand what we should expect more form them !?”

      and why you think it’s wrong to do be a .NET developer, everyone is free to chose what they want, you can’t force anyone to follow the same path you follow!, and why you think Algeria need programmers and designers for non-platform specific and doesn’t need .NET programmers and designers ?

      just be honest with yourself, can you deny the amazing role Microsoft Algeria have played this last couple of year in our country? encouraging student to innovate and create with DevCamp’s, encouraging and supporting competitions, supporting student’s club, giving student’s very expensive Professional tools for Free, forming, …. and the list goes on,
      do you see any other company that do that here in Algeria ?, do you see any other company that invest that much in our student like Microsoft do. take a look at this :

      just be fair and open man,


      • Qchmqs on said:

        It Totally Logic If You Focus On it, I Am Not Forcing Any One to Follow My Path, If They Love C# they Can Code Using It , If They Love Micro$oft They Can Code For It, But My Point Is , We Should Not Be Related Or depended On Any THing , That Is No Specific-Stuff , If You Can Code Only Using Microsoft “Professional” tools , What Would You Do if One Day We Don’t Have Windows Any More and We Need Our Own OS ? I think It is cool to have competitions like thos and stuff, but it makes me more happy when i see an algerian contribution to the OpnSource Products, Or a Try To Build A Kernel , A Distro Of Linux Or BSD , Or at least a high quality software or website,
        Another Point Is Devs in ALGERIA can’t Get a Job OutSide Microsoft World , and this is a problem we are literally suffering a “Colonialism” From that Comparny , In the Other Side It Did A Good Job Giving Us Some Work Posts

  2. DeveloperDZ on said:

    i don’t know what do you thing or know about the competition, since it’s a Microsoft initiative so it’s ligical to be developed by Microsoft tools, and i don’t understand what do you mean by for non-platform specific, are you talking about portability so c# is portable and compatible with linux.

    and why you are against Microsoft and Microsoft tools guys, we can develop what we want on any platform due to the project spicifiacations

    i can’t find any logic in your words nd specially the specific world ????

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