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DevCamp 5 Coming Soon! “Secure your Seat Now!” | Location : Cyberparc de Sidi-Abdellah

DevCamp 5

Next Edition of DevCamp is coming soon !… it’s time for YOU JOIN !

DevCamp 5 will be this time at Cyberparc of Sidi-Abdellah Smile


this is the first time you heard of DevCamps ?,well then .. in few words : a DevCamp is an event were students meet to share ideas, expertise and work together for 48h to bring those ideas into a real Windows Phone App’s published into the Microsoft Market Place, it encourage innovation and creativity, and let you unleash your skills in challenge with the clock to finish your Application before the times up. “but don’t worry, we won’t be doing very complex Applications”


it is also a great place to learn and make friends Smile !, if you got stuck intro a problem, you’ll find everyone willing to help you out.

All I can say, a very nice atmosphere, a very pleasant and useful experience Open-mouthed smile , Do not miss it !, hurry and secure your seat now “places are limited“

– Please in order to join, contact “Abdelmoumen Taleb ” at his Email :

And don’t forget to Stay Tuned !.. I’ll be announcing the Event Time soon Incha Allah Smile 

Thank you, and incha allah will see you there Winking smile


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