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Imagine Cup challenges are over but you still have a Chance with Software Design Competition, Deadline 22 March ! hurry !

I’m so sorry to announce that it’s over for IC Challengers if you haven’t participate yet, ( PS: IC Challenges are competitions done through the internet and the winners selection is done globally ) 

But don’t worry you still got a chance with the local selection of the Main Category in Imagine Cup “Software Design Competition”


Software Design Competition is all about creating real-world applications and solutions that can help make the world a better place.

and by using Microsoft tools and technology you have everything, all you need is will, determination, talent and hard working to make your dream come true

Develop and build those ideas of yours into amazing applications that can help solve some of the world’s toughest problems, such as poverty, hunger, gender inequality, environmental sustainability, and access to education and healthcare. , focus on the impact, the usability, and cost of your solution. trust yourself and give your best ! your dream will be real !

                                       Don’t let go !

Deadline to send your Preliminary Summary is this 22 March 2012, so hurry !, don’t waste time, gather your team and start working.

Round 1 is all about Creating and submitting a Preliminary Summary that is inspired by the Imagine Cup 2012 Theme – “Imagine a world where technology helps solve the toughest problems.”

IMPORTANT: the preliminary summary is just a set of question and stuff you need to do, they don’t ask you to bring your Program yet, after this step you’ll get more time to work on your program and finish it, so quickly take this step before times runs out,

Start NOW .. Go Here

And remember, if you haven’t understand anything, “how to register,  how to fill the Preliminary summary, .. anything ..”

I might help, and even if I can’t I’ll contact for you someone who can Smile : my Email :

PS: I check my mail everyday “sometimes every hour Smile with tongue out“ so it won’t take forever for me to reply to you Smile 

Good Luck ! Open-mouthed smile


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One thought on “Imagine Cup challenges are over but you still have a Chance with Software Design Competition, Deadline 22 March ! hurry !

  1. Rahate had el mara :p
    next time ncha Allah 😀

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