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Windows Phone DevCamp 4 at Telemcen, set up the challenge


The Next DevCamp has arrived ! and this time it’s going to be held at Telemcen !

54505945.IMG_3608       tlemcen-algeria2

Such a Great People and a Great City Smile 

as usual, unique and one task to work for “Build your Windows Phone app and published it in 2 day’s”


It’s all about sharing, learning, coding, and having fun Open-mouthed smile ,It’s your chance to meet great Developers ( like you ) and make friends

if you want to know more on what is all about, check the other post’s on this blog  ( I think I’ve write a lot about the previous DevCamp’s Smile with tongue out )

So .. if you Want to join the Crew ? and start building your dream app, it’s Easy ! .. just Contact our “ADE” Abdelmoumene

Email :

Hurry up guys ! .. ( don’t forget !, the event will be held this 8 mars ! )

incha allah will see you there Open-mouthed smile


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2 thoughts on “Windows Phone DevCamp 4 at Telemcen, set up the challenge

  1. thank you Imad for this post !
    i think many people will apreciate the contained information 😀

  2. Mohammed Amine Dahaoui on said:

    I want to thank the MSP students for this contrubtion ,it was really amazing experience for me . I have learned many things from this training ,& i spent a good time as well with my new freinds :Anas,Hocin,Abdelhamid Derrar ,Abdelmoumene Taleb,……
    Thank you gays for every thing & we look forward to meet you soon inchaalah 😉

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