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faites vite! 13 Mars est le dernier délai pour inscrire au Challenge Windows Phone d’Imagine Cup

Vous n’êtes pas déjà inscrit ?! .. Faites Vite ! car le dernier délai pour l’inscription et l’envoie des rapports et le 13 Mars


C’est quoi ce rapport et comment faire le rapport ?, … très simple !

Vous avez deux choses à faire, remplir un questionner “ficher Office Word” et donnez un prototype SketchFlow de votre application ( pour plus d’information visiter le line en bas )

Le questionnaire est à remplir en anglais. Il n’y a que sept lignes

Les questions que vous allez trouver dans le questionnaire sont :

1. What problem are you solving as it relates to the Imagine Cup Theme?

Describe the real world problem you are working to solve (not the application itself – that information goes below). Who will benefit from having this problem solved? How will they benefit? Will your solution impact a large number of people very broadly, or a smaller number of people very deeply?

2. Name and Description of your Application:

What is the name of your Application? Please describe it in detail.

3. Solution Design, Innovation & Architecture:

Describe your Application in detail and how it works. What are the core functionalities of your application? What is your Team’s plan to be implement solution design if you should be selected to advance to Round 2?

4. Utility:

Utility Utilitarian apps incorporate mobile features and visual impact that compel frequent use in a new way. What is your Team’s focus on utility? How does your App utilize device features? How will your App offer creative, innovative features? How will your App stand out and compel frequent and repeated use? What is original and unique about your App?

5. Pre-existing source code:

If pre-existing source code files or third-party binary libraries are to be incorporated into the Application or (such as physics engines or control toolkits), then this pre-existing source code must be clearly identified below and must not infringe on any third party rights, and must be used in accordance with all applicable licensing and use terms. This includes images, music and source code. Tell us what open source you are using, who owns it and what the applicable license information is.

6. Delight and Wow Factor:

Great apps look and feel like an integral part of Windows Phone. What is your Team’s focus on delight? Describe how your application will make thoughtful use of the Windows Phone technology features?

7. Presentation & Polish:

If you were to make a video about your project, what key points would you highlight? What scenarios would you show the viewer to clarify the purpose and impact of your project?

                    Click ICI pour avoir toutes les Informations nécessaires. 

Si vous avez des questions concernant la compétition ou le rapport, n’hésitez pas à me contacter

mon Email:   ,

je serais ravi de vous aider Smile


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2 thoughts on “faites vite! 13 Mars est le dernier délai pour inscrire au Challenge Windows Phone d’Imagine Cup

  1. magnifique comme d’habitude chere Imade 😀
    tres intéréssant comme article 🙂

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